Strangely Almost Perfect Aitkenhead Interview

Sky News Interview of Porton Down CEO

Craig Murray has a good post on this Sky interview, noting that it’s been chopped and sliced with redacted words in the reporting.
He earlier revealed that prisoners were boiled alive in Uzbekistan all the while the USA & UK colluded in kidnap and torture, siphoning off individuals that went to Guantanamo Bay (say), all the while handing cash to the corrupt regime and allowing free passage for narcotic drugs from Afghanistan.  For this he was sacked from his diplomatic role in HM’s government.

The only place the interview is currently visible, or at least has a length of 3m50s is this twitter by @SkyNews.

My own gut feeling, currently, is that May is trying to boot Boris from the picture completely.  He’s already a dolt, but he’s a teflon dolt.  Maybe, just maybe, this categorical pile of tosh interview he did to the Germans will be his final undoing?

Thomas Clark has a nice superimposition on his Facebook page, not on his website as yet… This is a copy I’ve made.

And just audio…


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