Holocaust Shooters

What a Difference a Day, or 74 Years Makes

Holocaust Remembrance Day

In Israel yesterday, they celebrated/remembered the millions killed in the holocaust.


The holocaust is mainly (but not exclusively, of course) remembered for the death camps, as in this visualisation in the film Schindler’s List.

In this scene from the film, we see Ralph Fiennes scarily portraying Amon Goeth shooting captives behind a fence that in the context of the film are implied to be mainly Jewish.

In this clip purportedly from 22 December 2017, we see a man get shot past a fence doing nothing at all in the same way as Goeth’s victims.
For this, Israeli Education Minister Naftali Bennett has praised the shooter and talks about it being a battlefield……eh?

There must be something wrong with my eyes. Bennett needs educating that a couple of people milling around in the distance, behind a barbed and guarded security fence is not a battlefield!

If perhaps he was referring to the big demonstration the other day, then that was a demonstration, not a battlefield.  Shooting unarmed demonstrators from behind an almost impregnable barrier, as happened, then becomes a massacre, not a battle.  The whole area is then called a “site of a massacre”, not a battlefield.


Amon Goeth

For his many murders and other atrocities, Amon Goeth was executed by hanging.

Israelis at Gaza

“The sniper deserves a medal, and the photographer deserves a demotion,” said Israeli Defence Minister Israeli Avigdor Liberman
Yep, that’s about it. It’s now said that the Israeli army will investigate the filming, not the shooting!

And to add to the (dis)information, we see that the Times of Israel has discovered a shot Gazan who claims that it is himself in the shooter video. However, it doesn’t look like him to me and neither does it look like he wearing red as he claims. In fact, the director in the shooting says to get the one in pink.

…and to add to that (and as reported here, Video Shows Israeli Soldier Shooting Palestinian with Colleagues Cheering Him on Near Gaza ) the audio commentary says that he was shot in the head, not the leg….  you work it out!

Israeli soldier posts disturbing Instagram photo of child in crosshairs of his rifle
Israeli soldier posts disturbing Instagram photo of child in crosshairs of his rifle

Of course, young men and guns, gung-ho and it’s all a game – except it isn’t, is it?  Back in 2013 we had the same with the young man with his gun realising too late what a stupid boy he was – see,

Israeli soldier posts disturbing Instagram photo of child in crosshairs of his rifle.
Here in my Home

Both sets of shooting and killings are equally as bad. The issues in Canaan/Judea/Palestine/Israel are obviously long-standing but if the Israelis don’t learn from history as a whole instead of using selected bits for self-justification, then this will not end and the thing that they claim they want more than ever ( a peaceful and secure homeland) will never happen. If they actually want continuous war, then eventually their best allies will get fed up.

I believe and hope that they want a peaceful and secure homeland. Most of the modern-day problems in what is euphemistically called the Holy Land are not of the Jews making – history records that they are quite as capable at internal feuds as any other people on Earth. The original Canaanites were warlike (like everyone in history) yet despite being told by God to wipe them out, DNA evidence shows that they are all still in the area with lots of Israelis, Palestinians, Lebanese and Syrians all having common ancestry in the Canaanites!

Since Canaan, the various empires of Egypt, the Fertile Crescent, Turkey, Greece, Rome, France, Germany,Britain and latterly the USA have all either invaded, enslaved, genocided, invited in, gave safe harbour to and randomly divided the peoples and lands of The Holy Land. They should be left alone. But if in being left alone they still want support and yet things are done that are not just disagreeable but are listed as such in one of the earliest “rules for living”, the Ten Commandments, then they do not deserve support.


So the continuing theft of land and water by Israel means I don’t buy Israeli produce – potatoes, Sharon fruit, Jaffa oranges, green beans etc. It’s a long list. I check. It’s a big list. Always check the source of fruit and vegetables since even though they might be grown in the original 1947-8 partitioned border, water is stolen from outside. Without the water, no crops. Similarly, if there’s no market for a cash crop (which these are), then no money and no reason to grow the crops and no reason to steal the water.

If I see them randomly shooting unarmed people, I’ll tell them. And not just me.

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