Trying Richard Stallman’s Facebook Recommendations – Part One

Reasons not to be used by Facebook

Reading The Register this morning I found that Stallman has recently spoken at Microsoft, hell froze over for a time obviously.  Stallman has his own website which has a very interesting….

What’s bad about: Airbnb | Amazon | Amtrak | Ancestry | Apple | Discord | Ebooks | Eventbrite | Evernote | Facebook | Google | Intel | LinkedIn | Lyft | Meetup | Microsoft | Netflix | Patreon | Pay Toilets | Skype | Slack | Spotify | Twitter | Uber | Wendy’s |

….right at the beginning!!!  Read it.  You should.

By referring to Stallman’s own post  I fired up TOR, which I always have installed, and tried the onion link – https://m.facebookcorewwwi.onion/ – from his page specifically created for organisations,  – You’ll need TOR running for the .onion link to work.


Without Javascript

As part of GNU they have a Firefox plugin that blocks Javascript.  This page has a link to the plugin as well as to Stallman’s article on why Javascript, also, is not quite bad, but not free.  BTW, if you install it this website here doesn’t work properly though it’s surprising how much actually does work to me.  Most websites now need Javascript but there are ways and means to do it, freely, as Stallman might say.


Sure enough, the mobile version of Facebook fires up and we get the login.  Now please note the cookie acceptance.

Facebook forces user acceptance to allow it to read ALL cookies

Facebook forces user acceptance to allow it to read ALL cookies

By tapping on the site, you agree to our use of cookies on and off Facebook

Just consider the full meaning behind those few words and remember Zuckerberg’s shiny face as he weasely replies when quizzed by EU lawmakers.  Take it at 3:42 onwards, say.

A Note About Cookies

Cookies are plain text files that are downloaded to your machine (be it a PC, laptop, tablet or phone) when you open a website, by clicking on a link or typing its web address somewhere, usually your web browser.  Cookies ideally are just a temporary info store to be used by the website, like mine here.  The danger comes when they are read by other websites….  I have a cookie and privacy policy, if you want to read it.



How to Get Round Facebook Cookie Policy

 My Method

    1. If not already done, install the Firefox web browser.
    2. Use the Firefox browser.  It’s on mobile too, though I prefer the Firefox Preview, as it’s even faster.
    3. Within Firefox, install Facebook Container plugin/addon and enable it.
Facebook Container blurb

Facebook Container blurb

You’ll have to login to Facebook again after this as it gives you a new, clean container environment in which Facebook will run, alone, cut off from your other web activity apart from all the cat pix and political memes of comical wisdom that you deem fit to grace Facebook with.

So you’ll find that “like” buttons on websites don’t work.  Great.  Tell them you like them instead.  Apart from that, it all works well and tuned advertising to things that I may have earlier regarded no longer appears in my own corner of Facebook.

This of course means I see some rather more eclectic advertising which can very quickly lead me to scam websites, which I enjoy investigating and reporting.



Do you have your own method of cutting out Facebook hooks, apart from the obvious one of ditching it?

Going Forwards

My next step is to do what Stallman recommends to organisations or businesses. – see

Specifically, he says in “General Principles”:

  • Make the organization’s own web site the go-to place for all information about the organization. Whatever people want to know, the web site should be the best place to look for it.
  • Say in the Facebook page that the organization’s own web site is the best place to look for information about the organization. Explicitly ask people to make links always to the web site, never to the Facebook page.
  • Adopt this motto: “Facebook is a bad place for a person to be. When people find us on Facebook, we lead them away from Facebook and then talk with them elsewhere.
Click me

Click me Now!

Well I consider myself an organisation as I have so many thoughts all the time it’s like having a public house in my brain sometimes.  So that’s what I’ll do, or at least try!

  • If anyone wants to join me on this website to further post to FB as Stallman says, then drop me a line. “I’m on Facebook!” as the bylines say on many websites.  But unless I know you, you can’t contact me there.
  • If you post to Facebook sharing your own website  article, I will read it.

Reasons For This

  • I’m giving it a go.
  • The main one………
    • LCD – lowest common denominator

      I’ve been concerned for some time that Facebook has actually become what others (like AOL back in the nineties) tried to become – a one stop portal for the LCD idea of “the internet”.  The internet cum web is SOOOOOOOOO much better thana shithole unsearchable repository of everyone’s data, information and uninformed bigotry, stupidity and naffness.  It is a black hole, tinged with blue.

      • Anything you post be it about friends, relatives or historical insights is lost to the world – but not lost to Facebook.
      • They analyse it and serve you things they think you will like or is used by others as in the Cambridge Analystica scandal to manipulate you.
      • You have no choice in this.
      • You have no freedom.