A Bit More I’d Forgotten on The World’s Forgotten Boy

Back to 3rd May 2010

Apart from the images above and my fantastic video here of Raw Power along with Search & Destroy kicking the show off, I also took a short video of “Shake Appeal” (below) with tons of folks onstage….

I didn’t video it all and haven’t uploaded it until now for two reasons:

  1. My memory card was running out of room and because of..
  2. It looked like a load of pensioners jockeying for a shuffle spot at the Darby & Joan Club that
  3. I was hoping for something better to video so instead
  4. I just watched instead of using my camera and then
  5. The show was over

I know that is five not two.  But now it’s a tiny historical document.  10 years ago James Williamson was finishing as a Sony Executive in charge of electronic technical standards and getting together with some of his earlier life mates.

But for this onstage miasma, I think that Jeff would have agreed that this was too much aad fowks havin’ a jolly and not actually very punk/rock/or roll.

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