The Importance of Being Earnest for Boris Johnson

a.k.a. Watch Out For Johnson’s Deceptions

A leopard, waiting to pounce on the Unwary?
A leopard, waiting to pounce on the Unwary?

This is a quick reminder from last year of the collusion between the mouthpiece of the UK’s tory government (the BBC) and the tory government, PM Johnson in particular.  The BBC is always used to punch out the tory line….

By the Way – This Isn’t About Brexit.

  • Q. Really?
  • A. Yes

In the spring of 2018 the Novichok poisoning story erupted.  I bet nearly everyone, now thinks, without question, that:

It woz the Russians wot done it

…without actually doing any research into:

  • what “it” was that was actually “done”
  • how the story took place
  • what was said
  • by whom
  • and about what, exactly?

I detailed some of my own research at that time here.  I did a couple of other postings too, but for this post the Novichok story details aren’t relevant, only the methods of decption and lying..

What IS Relevant Though?

In reality, just 6 new hospitals

NEWS: Just 6 instead of 40 hospitals to be made

Be Earnest

In hindsight the most important aspect of the Novichok tale for us right now is Boris Johnson’s earnest expression, willing his lies into truth through his comedic face and yearnful voice.

What Johnson said last year was all bollox of course as this careful investigation by Skwawkbox at the time shows – so  for now, any Novichok mentions will be back-burnered until the next time a distraction to government incompetance is needed..

  • Notice the layers of government and the BBC “correspondents”
  • Notice especially the manipulation for the “big news programmes” of how simple voice-over disguise the truth
  • Notice the contradictions
  • Notice the flat out lies

And So…it carries on now.

leopard with spots
The Leopard Cannot Change its Spots

PM Johnson’s earnest expression.  He is very good at it.

It covers up his lies, just like in the video above when he said “the guys at Porton Down told me” when in reality the boss of Porton Down would admit no such thing.


Just a Few Listed Examples of Johnson’s Many Lies from the Mass Media

For what it’s worth, my opinion is that dodgy sex goings-on are the first port of call for political enemies to use against each other.

Yet without any of that, Boris Johnson has a history of very public lies.

Despite all his earnest promises of investment (today) and denials of the last sexual impropriety.  His confident, striding bollox tied to jokey dumfoolery leads many people to care that his lying drapes a masque of busy-ness over his Brexit chat and flips.  Yet he’s high in the polls.  Xenophobia has overtaken reason.   Johnson lies and denies even when it’s presented 6 feet away.

Johnson’s Face As He Actually Lies

It seems that there’s a small industry devoted to listing Johnson’s outright lying yet despite that, the BBC’s chief politics dude, Laura Kuenssberg, chose to inform us that Omar Salem, the man in black above, had political leanings and not that Johnson deliberately lied.

Those in the BBC also chose to defend Laura Kuenssberg saying “Any suggestion there was malicious intent behind her tweets are absurd” yet again, not one mention of the incredibly obvious fact that Johnson had deliberately lied.  (In the video still above, there’s Johnson looking directly at the press denying their existence!)

When he lies in private, like his sexual liaisons, it drips out  – his public lies stretch back before the beginning of this millenium.

And Yesterday, 29th September 2019?  Got any Johnson Lies?

Earnest Johnson, Lying
Earnest Johnson, Lying

Yes indeed.  Less than a fortnight after the hospital lie above comes another hospital lie.  The man cannot open his mouth without lying.

In his chat with Marr he earnestly said, repeatedly, that there will be

“40 new hospitals, 40 new hospitals”

It’s at the 11 minute mark in this chain of repeated denials and avoidances of his inflamatory remarks.

Hancock Buggers up the Johnson Tale

As a demonstration of incoherence in the ranks, on the same day on a different channel, the new Health Minister, Matt Hancock admitted that there will be just 6 new hospitals.  The video is in this link to the New European.

All the rest will be “in the future” which as a statement of fact is true since we all exist on the arrow of time and thus everything actually is “in the future”.

So just 6 hospitals are planned.  Not 40 as PM Johnson earnestly said.  Interestingly, Hancock continues the theme of obfuscation that Johnson has started, exactly the same as with Johnson’s efforts and his government team in the Novichok story.

  • Sophie Ridge on Sky starts pulling the facts from obfuscation around the 3 minute mark in the full audio yet lets Hancock waffle by the end.
  • Hancock starts off all earnest, upbeat and jokey, but the stutter-stumbles and cries of “let me finish” betray his lack of trust in the words he’s been told to say….

This is the full mp3 download of his interview by Ridge at tory conference, from the Sky link above.


  • The chairman of the BBC Trust is Chris Patten, a former Conservative cabinet minister.
  • The BBC’s political editor, Nick Robinson, was once chairman of the Young Conservatives.
  • His former senior political producer, Thea Rogers, became George Osborne’s special advisor in 2012.
  • Andrew Neil, the presenter of the BBC’s flagship political programmes Daily Politics and This Week, is chairman of the conservative Spectator magazine.
  • His editor is Robbie Gibb, former chief of staff to the Tory Francis Maude.
  • After the BBC’s economics editor Stephanie Flanders left for a £400,000-a-year job at that notorious leftwing hotbed, JP Morgan, she was replaced by its business editor Robert Peston.
  • His position was taken by Kamal Ahmed from the rightwing Sunday Telegraph, a journalist damned by the Guardian’s Nick Davies for spinning government propaganda in the run-up to the Iraq war.
  • BBC stalwart John Humphrys last week joined the chorus of voices alleging “liberal bias” at the BBC. Here is a man who was slapped down by the BBC’s own trust last year for violating impartiality and accuracy guidelines in BBC2’s The Future State of Welfare. It was an extraordinarily biased piece of TV that fuelled widespread myths about social security. With such coverage, this “liberal-biased” BBC shares the blame for leaving the public completely ill-informed, with, for example, voters estimating that 34 times more money is lost through benefit fraud than is actually the case.
  • Tory politicians favour the BBC as a useful recruitment service too. After Andy Coulson was driven from No 10, David Cameron replaced him with the then BBC news controller Craig Oliver.
  • Boris Johnson‘s former communications supremo was the former BBC political correspondent Guto Harri;
  • after moving to News International in 2012, he was replaced by the BBC’s Westminster news editor, Will Walden.
Sourced in 2014 (many more now) from: Owen Jones


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