Blair gets US Medal of Fawning Intransigence

tony_blair_24_350x470_1_.jpgTony Blair to get US Medal of Freedom one of today’s news items.

This is given personally by the US President and is supposed to be the highest civilian award in that country.  One would expect it to be for people that work towards freedom as it’s a kind-of in the name sort-of-a-thing…

So I’ve checked the list of past recipients, and you can too by going here:

US Medal of FreedomDepending on your age and knowledge, you may recognise some of the names.  There are hundreds.  And after a while, it dawns on you that they are not about freedom.

Paralleling the UK system of knighthoods and peerages, the list is mainly former (male) politicians, (Vance, Bush, Reagan etc), bankers and businessmen like the boss of Citicorp (one of the collapsing companies that we all have to rescue..) with the odd pope, nun and occasional honourable person of courage chucked in.

It’s honours for the old boys network.

Now if you think I’m being disrespectful to any of these people, please take a close look at the Medal of Freedom dedicated website.  It’s a monkey of a site.  It loads with some pious gibberish from the stumbling George W Bush.  But worse, much worse, is that the site is loaded with adverts from Google!

Surely, as a mark of the most deepest respect, a website could be funded by the US Government or the Oval Office without recourse to obtrusive targeted adverts selling medals?

All this shows to me is the deep cynical contempt with which the honour is really held by Americans.  Which is sad, as it debases the very word,


Freedom does not mean the freedom to advertise willy-nilly and the freedom to corrupt the highest office in the land.  That is free-will, not freedom, something that Bush has trouble understanding or if he understands, he chooses to ignore.

Thieves and robbers have free-will.  They choose to steal. But one doesn’t need freedom to steal.

So if Blair had true courage, he would have said he was catholic straight off because, yes, he was right, we would have thought him a nutter or something.

If Blair had true courage he would have argued courageously against the erosion of all our rights and freedoms under the disguise of Bush’s “war on terror”.

But he didn’t.  He fawned to the aggressive negative tendencies inherent in all beings, making a virtue from an intransigent stand against “terror”, whatever that means.

He got nice pats on the back from everyone (in the visible West that is, dissent being suppressed), for a while.  But now, in his capacity of “Special Envoy” he has notably said and done nothing about the rising tide of death and injury in the Middle East , because he was on holiday.

If he had any honour he’d hand in his notice and pay back his salary to his employer (us) as obviously, he did nothing.  In the end, he has a job and he’s failed.  He should be sacked not honoured.

By Strangely

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