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My Introduction to Website Scammers

Tangled Web
Tangled Web

About 10 years ago the web was inundated by scam websites of the “Get Rich Quick” type, many using the tagline of “Get Rich Using Google” or similar.

Propellor Head

There was the Google Money Tree and the Google Treasure/Money Chest…you get the idea?

This graphic became ubiquitous…..

This was my first introduction and subsequent research into this type of scam. –

Bizarre email marketing spams and fake promos and recommenations spun across the web.  Further ones were about Acai berry juice, fake auction websites, teeth whitening schemes, colon cleansing schemes.  At the root of it, they were MLM schemes  and schemes running off negative option scam sales.  The notorious Jesse Willms was behind a lot of it.  As I found out, PWW too.

The Fight Back

Myself and others helped collate a large amount of proof aboout the scam and how it worked that eventually led to Google zoning in on Pacific Webworks.  See:  Pacific Webworks, Lawyers and Social Networking or FTC Take Action: Is This The End of The Fake News Site?, say.

Then finally the United States’ FTC hammered them so much they had to close.  See (Karmic) Retribution on Pacific Webworks?


Latest Info on Pacific Webworks – PWW

Thanks to Google Alerts it’s very easy to keeptrack  of things.  See: Pacific Webworks Goes Quietly After bankruptcy PWW has now morphed by a buyout into HEYU BIOLOGICAL TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION C (OTCMKTS:HYBT), a curious USA OTC stock market description.

A full rundown of the company, starting off as asphalt suppliers, through  the dodgy software and scam website area as PWW to it’s current phase is here.  The whole thing is interesting reading not just the limited screenshot below.

Of note, they say:
In March 2019, the Company entered into a Raspberry Purchase Agreement and a Raspberry Juice Processing Agreement with Ditiantai. Pursuant to these two agreements, the Company purchased six tons of raspberry from Ditiantai, which were processed by Ditiantai into raspberry juice and delivered to the Company. The Company then sold the raspberry juice to a corporate buyer and five individual buyers. The Company, however, does not plan to engage in the business of selling raspberry juice in the long term, and is still identifying and considering its operational direction.

The closing sentence is telling.  I sincerely hope that they don’t travel the routes of their earlier incarnation as PWW.

According to this stock market website post they are decribed thus:

Heyu Biological Technology Corporation does not have significant operations. The company has market cap of $2.58 million. Previously, the firm was engaged in the provision of application services; and development of business software technologies and services for business merchants and organizations. It currently has negative earnings. The firm was formerly known as Pacific WebWorks, Inc. and changed its name to Heyu Biological Technology Corporation in June 2018.

Since being bought it says they’ve done no business of note and the share price has remained at $0.025 for a year and a half.


But Maybe Not So…

Bloomberg describe the business like this:

  • Share price = $0.01
  • Market Cap = $7.279m

Heyu Biological Technology Corporation designs and develops application software. The Company offers its services in the United States.

So What Gives?

Heyu, a biological tech business from their name is supposed to be a software business….!!  Are they both correct?

Not Looking Good for PWW then HEYU

Heyu is actually a Chinese business.  They bought PWW and amazingly it’s at the same old PWW address and has the exact same phone number.  Bell & Larsen aren’t on the board which is all made from Chinese names.  The data shows liabilities and costs up with income down.

Not looking good, eh?

Fintel Agrees

Fintel here says mentions a Ang Ban Siong as a major player in the business.

Sole owner in fact.   But it’s made no money, hasn’t done since the halcyon days of PWW crookery, so why carry on?

Now for the Chinese Connection

In the screenshot above I highlighted the bits that have piqued my interest – namely that there’s a disjoint between a claimed biotech business saying it makes software.  So to the source.  …

Warm Congratulations On: Heyu Biological Technology Corporation went public on the OTC platform in the United States

With a single owner it’s pretty self-congratulatory.  Now, pay particular attention to the bits I’ve highlighted in the screenshot below.  You’ll note that software is not mentioned at all.

So What are Heyu’s “Products”?

Well, I’ve emphasised the word “products” because they only claim to make one product on the website.

It’s a “Beverage Powder” called XI LI SHENG.

I have highlighted the various claims for this solitary product.  From my experience, and despite China having a long history of natural remedies, it looks like snake oil to me.

Download Centre

I noticed on the HEYU website a link for downloads.  With a single product what could possibly be on the downloads link?

Well, there’s a single link called “download”.  It points here to a pdf file but I’ve made a local copy in case it changes.  The screenshots below mostly follow the information in this Core Members page from the website.  However, the website is poorly made and things will probably change.  Of note is the name of the Executive Director Hung Seng Tan who is definately not the same person as Tan Hung Seng who is an ambassadore for the Republic of Singapore.

Gilding the Lily with Dr. Ban Siong Ang

  • Bloomberg shows Siong Ang Ban as being a member of The Academic Council on the United Nations System
  • Himself as Dr, Ban Siong Ang says he’s a:
    • Former ambassador of UN human rights agency
    • a member of ACUN
    • Got Doctor of Business Admin from Ansted University
    • awarded ASRIA CSR-CAP

I’ll take these in turn.

  • The Academic Council on the United Nations System.  This exists as ACUNS.  Membership can be cheaply bought with no oversight.  Members can choose to be listed, or not. Ban Siong Ang is not listed as a member.
  • ambassador of UN human rights agency.  There is no UN Human Rights Agency.  The Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights does exist as the OHCHR.
  • A small sample from the critiques of “A Nobel (sic) System of Technology for Education Development”

    Ansted University isn’t an accredited university.  Its business hides away in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). I’ve found scammers earlier that used the nearby islands of St. Kitts and Nevis.   This forum has proof on its dodginess; basically you write your own certificate.

  • the award called ASRIA CSR-CAP.  Ansted Social Responsibility International Award (ASRIA) is run by Prof Dr Roger Haw who you’ll note  is part of Ansted.  In common with serial fibbers, they can never keep track of what they said.  Here they say: “ASRIA is a BRAND and ENDORSEMENT INSTITUTION. It is a kind of International Certification Institution like ISO accreditation body but we are focused only on Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) “


  • Siong Ang Ban would have been better off just listing his business situation.  His academic and social connections are worthless.  His alma mater uni is a scam of zero academic validity.
  • The various descriptons of the business’s activity change depending on where you look.
  • Heyu’s sole listed product (they do have otheres on subsidiary businesses) is a sort of old Chinese remedy with various ingredients such as ginseng and rose.
  • Heyu took over Pacific Webworks (PWW) a proven known internet marketting scam business that was prosecuted and bankrupted because of their activities.
  • Everything is in place to be a snake oil marketting business.
  • I sincerely hope that they don’t go down that route.


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