Earnest Johnson

Quick quiz time. In which picture of Boris Johnson (the current Queen’s Prime Minster in the UK) is Mr Johnson not lying?

Earnest Johnson, Lying
Earnest Johnson, Lying about 40 new hospitals
Earnest Johnson, Lying about there being no press despite the presence of the cameras taking the photos!
Earnest Johnson, Lying about Porton Down scientists
Earnest Johnson, clapping for the NHS after he’s spent years undermining it and trying to sell it off

Yeah well. None of course.

The truth is that Johnson tells so many lies and spin-dryer loads of flights of fantasy that I can’t find a single truth he has said without doubting its veracity.

He may be sick, very sick, or recovering sick, but he’s still a sick liar, a very sick liar or a recovering sick liar. He is inspirational in his lying for students of lying.

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