Excellent Piece by the Grauniad

Today’s Guardian newspaper has an article on an NHS manager in procurement setting up & running a business specialising in PPE during the current Covid-19 crisis – https://surestock.co.uk/, though it is now in maintenance mode.

Intro to Guardian article – click to visit https://www.theguardian.com/society/2020/may/01/revealed-nhs-procurement-official-privately-selling-ppe

They say:

David Singleton, 42, a senior NHS official in London who has been working at the capital’s Covid-19 Nightingale hospital, launched the business two weeks ago to trade in visors, masks and gowns.

David Singleton info at RocketReach

RocketReach seems to confirm the man and occupation…

The (now former) Surestock website looked like this…

Screenshot of Surestock in Google Cache
Screenshot of Surestock in Google Cache (click to open in another full-size window)

Companies House shows that Singleton has recently changed his correspondence address for SureStock from his home to a business address. He had a previous business at his home address, as seen in the screenshot.

Interestingly, the (now former) Surestock website shows the address as being neither of his addresses nor the address shown on the handy map…?

Shoebury Common Road is actually on the sea front and comprises a dozen or so very expensive properties, most with swimming pools.


Interestingly, a different business previously owned the surestock.co.uk domain that went bust over a decade ago. It had company number 05267942 and seems to have no connection through company officials’ names or addresses as far as I can tell.

Previous SureStock. (click opens in new full size window)

This is their page on the Wayback Machine. Co-incidentally it’s activity is public sector procurement!!


Fair play to The Guardian reporters. Though a conflict of interest is denied by Singleton, everyone is now “no comment” while investigations proceed.


All info above is in the public domain.  My opinion is that if the article as written is true then Singleton isn’t doing his main (NHS) job properly.

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