Back on me bike!

Just got back on my bike after being a bit out of it for a while. So I’ve prompted myself to check out The Warrington Cycle Campaign site again.


You’ve gotta laff or shoot yourself. This is November’s addition.

I wish they were in Bridgwater. Cycling up and down Bristol Road in the dark is a right barrel of laffs, I can tell you. Best practice!! ?? It seems to be to ride on the footpaths as that’s what most cyclists do. Myself, I try to assert my equal ownership to the road and my right to ride, although trying to do the right turn into Wyld’s Road means breaking the 1830 law to escape with my life sometimes.

Today my back spoke pyonged on the way to work, probably because I’ve been up and down the odd kerb and the weather’s gone suddenly cold. So I’ve been working at home today, reading up on ADO SHAPE commands. Ho hum.

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