Nov 252007

Last updated on November 20th, 2015

Original sort of sound. I’d love to trace a copy of the BBC’s Purcell’s 400th anniversary concert which was done in St Paul’s with a load of dudes banging original drums and playing original 17th century brass whilst plodding round and round the cloisters.

It ended up as the Theme from Stanley Kubrick’s film, Clockwork Orange, of course, by Walter Carlos (before he had the cuts). That was the first time I heard it – brilliant!

Wendy Carlos’s page is filling out now. There’s loads more stuff there since the last time I visited. Wendy is very protective about her music so you won’t find much of her music on the net, even on her pages. However, the pictures and other background material she supplies is great, especially for anyone interested in old recording systems and techniques. I love the picture of her New York pad(s) where Timesteps etc were done – it just looks so cosy and totally out of keeping with the film that the music was destined to accompany. This is the sort of thing that I think Paul would be fascinated by.

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