This tune’s been in my head all day

…so I looked it up and bizarrely, it IS on youtube with some sort of a video.

It’s Mick Ronson doing “The Empty Bed” from his LP “Play, Don’t Worry”. Without checking the sleeve, I think it’s a cover of an Italian or Spanish dudes tune, or possibly Greek. Certainly Mediterranean. I think. Probably. Or French. Which backs onto the Med. A bit.

…so sorry for the video. But it’s an excellent tune. This, I’ve found, is one of the original composers doing it. Mick Ronson’s version has the credits as follows: (Baglioni/Goggio/Ronson). So that’s that then.

When it came out we used to snigger because Ronson was trying to be all glam and serious after Bowie ditched his Spiders period, so it sort of looked a bit forced and stupid especially when you knew his accent was as northern as ours (i.e. me, Jeff and Keith).

Listening now, after it popped into my head today, (why – I dunno! I only live in it), it’s a minor masterpiece, played and sung with real finesse. He just was out of step with the times – which I can personally relate to.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.

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  1. Just a quick reprise on this article. Er, this link of a 1975 Rolling Stone review puts this tune at the bottom of a dismal album. So what do I know, The reviewer, John Mendelsohn, had a bit of bother fitting in with his drums into other bands, like soon-to-be-famous Sparks, so started writing reviews, (mostly not complimentary about anything from the three I checked out in his name) and is still doing it. Kerching!

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