Wyld’s Road – near miss

This is the text of a message I’ve posted to National Express this morning regarding a near squashing experience I endured in Bridgwater just after half nine this morning.

I’ve been forced to use this system as there doesn’t appear to be a local telephone number to use.
While cycling to work today, I was forced to stop and nearly crashed due to thoughtless driving by the driver of the National Express number 938 bus in Bridgwater at about 09:40 this morning, travelling northwards along Wyld’s Road towards Bristol. Because of this an articulated lorry following had to brake sharply to avoid me (fortunately for me).
This occurred when the bus driver decided to overtake me on a blind right hand bend. You can see this bend here where Wylds Road approaches it’s junction with Bristol Road. I was travelling in my normal riding position, 2 feet from the kerb at about 19mph. Bizarrely, the driver had had plenty of time to overtake me on the straight bit of Wylds Road previously – but didn’t, even though the road was clear to do so.
I only just managed to brake and avoid being crushed by the back wheel when the driver decided to cut in left too soon when they realised the dangerousness of the bend. Presumably, it’s better to squash a pedestrian or cyclist rather than dint the front of a bus with a 20mph collision with an oncoming vehicle?

I would like to know what you intend to do about it? Please do not give me platitudes about the special conditions that the drivers of large vehicles have to endure and the training they’ve had, etc etc. I work in transport and I previously drove most types of articulated lorries for 10 years in all sorts of conditions and locations and still keep my C+E licence updated. I have had commendations for safe driving and despite the obstacles and hazards endured on the roads, I never ever came as close to squashing someone as that person did to me today.
Martin Rees

I’ll obviously post any replies I get. To say I was a bit fired up after my near-death experience would be an understatement.

By Strangely

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