Broken Links and Plane Stupid

I use a plugin to keep a handle on “link rot” called Broken Link Checker, and today I noticed a link on this post, The Man Who Ate the World – by Frederik Pohl was off.

Checking the Plane Stupid website, I found this message:

Site off-line

The Plane Stupid website is currently down for legal reasons. For press inquiries, please email

There’s not much on Google yet, but I found this posting on London Net:

Climate Change Activists Face £2.2M Bill for Stansted Stunt

From the article, about half the protesters have been fined small amounts, the rest nowt.  The £2.2m bill is coming from o’leery’s leg thrombosis-ing Ryan Air.

This all stinks just like the miner’s strike.  During the “riots” many were arrested, none were convicted, and when early death and industrial illness claims were made against British Coal, they all got ripped off by big business slitherin lawyers.

So not only the government is seeking to stifel free speech and peaceful demonstrations, but big business is too under the banner of “lost trade”.

oleery will have loads of lost trade when the fuel runs out.  That’s what the demo was about.  In a strange way, it was trying to save his business by extending it’s life by more thoughtful use of the Earth’s limited resources.

As I’m fond of pointing out, our current society is un-sustainable.  This means it will end whether we like it or not.  NO amount of law suits will bring it back.

By Strangely

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