Cracked – a reprise, (hacked off)

I’ve just got round to showing the damage done to my site(s) by the two cracks into my WordPress installation. It’s seems like there is a sort of saleman’s club in where they have statistics and charts of “top cracker of the month”.

The Cobra_21 person had over 6000 when they got round to my site(s). Fuck knows what it is now.

Anyway, I’ve chipped their work so it’s not dangerous and so that it exists when they do not(but I haven’t stuck my version up yet as theirs was framed and I can’t be bothered to unframe the code). In reverse order we have the “Turkish Marchers”, clumpity-clumpity-clump followed by the first hack on me by the peaceful muslims. mmm…

This is a link to the site with a shot that may not exist for long:
2nd hack example
These are the web components:


and this is the Turkish Hacker Music

Download Title


Just so everyone knows the difference, and these are peas, and this is the first hack devoted to peace and appeared like this …on the strangely site.

So that’s alright then…

It may be that all this music and language means something but I haven’t got time to learn. The arabic bit means muhhamed, I think. Apart from that, overuse of red in any form of advertising only means one thing. Especially when you chuck a bit of black with it.

Nazi Red and Black
Nazi Red and Black

It all sounds rather nationalistic and terribly sad. My views on:

  • oligarchs,
  • despots hiding behind religion,
  • religious leaders hiding behind nationalism,
  • nationalists hiding behind the uneducated ignorance of the masses,
  • the rise of the nation state over the last few hundred years as an excuse for progress,

……..are all the same. The result is that my face is contorted in the expression you’d have if a lump of dog shit was on your top lip.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. While hunting through my logs I see someone came to me while looking for the dorty hacka cobra_21
    So yes, they are still going. I plopped a Google search and there’s a site here that’s been nobbled by him. He’s got a new tune and image – which is nice. The site today, was still hacked. I don’t think he’s updated his records as all the site hack records on their site are quite old. You think they could at least keep themselves up-to-date.

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