Computer Piracy on the High Seas

In an amazingly co-incidental follow up to my earlier post, Not all Pirates Win, but Most Do!,  on the very same day news was just being released that some Royal Navy ships had their NavyStar (N*) computers compromised by a virus originating from “the former eastern bloc”.

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Also, it now turns out that the Windows flaw which was patched last October and to which I referred in the earlier post when there were 3 million infections, has now led to about 9 million PCs being hacked by the worm variously called Conficker, Downadup, or Kido.  This posting makes this clear:

  • Windows worm hits 8.9 million PCs in past week

What’s it all Mean?

It means that computers cannot be relied upon to protect yourself.  Nothing is really secure. This applies equally to :

  1. Honest people being attacked by criminals
  2. Honest people stealing music or software for their own gain
  3. Governments striving to protect their citizens
  4. Governments covertly trying to control their or other country’s citizens
  5. Criminals trying to hide from governments or other agencies
  6. Businesses trying to steal other company’s secrets

…and so on and so forth…   It’s a two-way process.

Those who try to circumvent systems will, by the very same methods they use, be compromised or attacked by the systems they seek to control or destroy.

It’s obvious really.  The idea that ID Cards will be immune to such failings is a pipe dream.

By Strangely

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