WP Super Cache Manager prompts needless WordPress 2.7 Update


A problem I had a while ago about WordPress 2.7 thinking it’s needs to update itself popped up again today.  The old permalink problem I’ve back-burnered for now as it was just one post in thousands, but this problem, where WordPress 2.7 pops a message across the top of the dashboard saying it needs upgrading to version 2.7 was a bit odd – again!


In an inspirational moment I turned off  the WP Super Cache plugin, went to the dashboard and behold – update message gone!

Then I turned the WP Super Cache plugin back on, activated it and went to the dashboard again – update message still gone!



Since this posting, I’ve had some other interesting postitive effects from my tinkering.  I don’t know if or how the various actions have affected and interacted, but hey, it’s only me and I’m not a rocket scientist, but I am good at observing effects!  The good news for me is here in this comment to an earlier post of mine.

By Strangely

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  1. I’ve been meaning to post back to here about this….

    The occasional prompt to upgrade to WordPress 2.7.1 even though at the bottom right of the admin screen it says current version 2.7.1 is apparently due to language file conflicts with plugins.
    I don’t know which ones as the effect is hard to produce on demand. So disabling all plugins and then enabling and testing for an indeterminate time at each stage is just TOO tedious.
    I’ll just wait for upgrades and maybe, just maybe it’ll disappear – after all, I can still post and people can still comment – and that’s ultimately all that matters for a publishing platform.

    It’s a bit like a bus crossing the Sahara with a squeaky window. It’s still a bus doing it’s job. There are no comparable buses for hundreds of miles. The squeak is annoying, but so what? Wotcha gonna do?

    1. Hi Donncha.
      I was just about to post a follow up….

      I don’t know if things are connected, but with software I have a tendency to pick up on anything and assume they are as they are only ones and zeroes at the end of the day. So what happened was as I described in this post.

      …But! When I tried to post the experience in this post I got a really, really slow response and then an automated message arrived from serviceuptime.com telling me my website was down.
      The post was saved as 3 drafts!

      So somewhere within the caching/ISP caching, php/mySQL/web servers chain, the code I was using to look at the admin screen got corrupted. I think it’s a high probability that one of the servers on my host was in the process of falling over just as I was doing this stuff. Which one, I don’t know – I don’t pay megabucks!

      It’s not a slur on your creation, I assure you, because it’s worked fine for ages. I’m just pointing out some weirdness that I experienced.

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