Zombie Dance (Zyclon B Zombies)

I’ve cleaned up the above track a bit although it’s still 14Meg in size and lasts quarter of an hour. It’s classed as Crawling Chaos although only two members took part in this version.

This version of Zombie Dance is part of a commission given to Rees and Jeff by some chums, Zyclon B Zombies, with the remit to produce timed sound tracks to support the on-stage performance. Also, the sound tracks had to induce a certain “feeling” in the audience both generally and at certain timed points in the proceedings. These were the words (more or less) of Curly Jhon to me. Ligger appears several times in the Crawling Chaos story, most notably as the central character on the original Homunculus Equinox cover and with his continual cry of “nae scran”! whenever the flow of beer was likely to be interrupted with solid food.

The Newcastle University performance featured buckets of offal, blood and gore, lots of shouting and ceremonial to-ing and fro-ing. Behind all this was the Crawling Chaos tape of which the track Zombie Dance, was one, specially re-done for the show. The show was surprisingly good, especially the bit with Bacchus, and despite the smell of the offal, which was awful (pun intended).

The track can be found here on the Crawling Chaos site.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.

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