Sex Machine – even truer, a reprise

Costume of Penises
Costume of Penises

Judgement day, the day when designer bodies become widely available and because of the human proclivity for sex, will be mainly sex and/or cosmetic changes, is getting ever closer. In fact, surely penis or breast enlargement or vaginal tightening are only cosmetic operations as the person is not going to die or suffer indignities thrown at them whilst walking down the street if they’re not done?

Despite everything I’ve said or everything that’s been written about Sex Machine, it just amazes me sometimes, to witness the approach of this day. This site, GeckoBlue, posted some pictures for a joke and the top one I’ve reproduced here. The bit in Sex Machine went like this:

I’ve got pricks on my toes and one on my nose
And some on my back that nobody knows
But the one I got first still grows and grows
I’ve got a set of clits hanging in my ear
I’ve been to the doc to get a smear
He told me I had gonorrhea

A recent comment here disagreed with my interpretation of unfolding events but for something written in 1979 about a future world, I think our comments were especially prescient. Original (successful) plastic surgery was done to remake the faces and hands of pilots (terribly) burnt in the Second World War, say. Ask yourselves, what are the likely statistics for plastic surgery now regarding the split between burns injuries and tit enlargements? And when designer gene manipulation is fact, how many procedures will be to relieve Cystic Fibrosis etc and how many procedures will be for sexual or facial enhancements?

By Strangely

Founding member of the band Crawling Chaos from the North-East of England