Happy Birthday Unix

Google Unix Birthday
Google Unix Birthday

Well it’s a sort of birthday.  As of 23:31:30 today, UNix will be 1234567890 seconds old!

Google has celebrated with yet another unique graphic for the occasion.  Click on the link below for a Google search on this string:


Unix’s calendar started the first second after the end of the sixties.  Like all clocks and calendars, it has to start somewhere or else we can’t function as human beings.

Unix runs the internet and spaceships.  And other stuff.  Like nuclear reactors.

It was originally developed as an operating system but using the same mental viewpoint and thought processes that developed telephone exchanges.  Obviously, it’s really bad if someone can hear or butt in on a call which could be very personal or security related indeed.  The fact that this hardly ever happens despite the billions of calls and millions of concurrent connections is a testament to this work.  And because of this work, Unix is pretty secure with all bits of code (or phone calls, if you like) kept running in their own little boxes.

Linux at AmazonLinux evolved from this.

So from it’s very beginning, Unix is a system of closed cells that will only talk to each other when told.  In contrast Windows was made from it’s inception as an open system with everything in constant connection.  Since then, it’s been a case of Microsoft running rapidly around it’s house closing all the open windows.

The latest is the autorun open doorway for virus transmission.

Nuff said.

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