Seat Belts and Fingernails

How Wearing a Seatbelt Prevents Nail Breakage!

Fingernail Lady
Fingernail Lady

GBOR at AmazonThis woman, Lee Redmond from Salt Lake City, hasn’t cut her nails since 1979, which is either incredibly lazy or some sort of mental problem.

She’s in the Guinness Book of Records for her ‘achievement’.

Pat Reavy at the local newspaper, the Deserret News, must have taken grrreat pleasure when putting out the following article heading:

Breaking news.

Salt Lake woman with world’s longest fingernails, loses nails in crash

A Salt Lake woman holding the current  record for the longest fingernails survived being ejected from a vehicle after an accident involving four cars on Tuesday.

Unfortunately, her record-setting nails didn’t, according to the Salt Lake County Sheriff’s Office. Injuries to Lee Redmond were serious but not life threatening, according to police. Her fingernails, however, were broken off in the crash.


Reading the article we find that Lee Redmond must not have been wearing a seat belt, because it’s extremely rare to be ejected with one connected.  If she’d have worn it, her injuries would’ve been slight with the fingernails only needing a bit of a manicure.  Instead, with the crash mirroring her fingernails, it’s 30 years ‘work’ thrown right out of the window.

I dunno, but the picture above makes me shudder somewhat.  In fact, like Alice, I think it “creeks me out”.

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