Sex Machine – extra version on CrawlIng ChaoS site

Well Holly be Damned!

I’ve a fantastic tape to work through using my new Denon DRM-540. There are fantastic live versions of heaps of Chaos mostly as very original variations of a common theme. There’s an LP’s worth and the best thing is that all the tracks just roll off… I’d really forgotten how very, very good we were. Even the duff bits and fluff-ups are good. Even the occasional mixer muck up and tape drop-out don’t distract from the sound. I found myself waiting to hear what came next instead of ho-humming and counting the seconds!

The first I’ve put out is that old perennial “Sex Machine” – just to show that we played in in many different ways and that the single on Factory (FAC17), was specially done for the purpose – not, I might add, for Factory, but for the particular sound that seemed appropriate at the time. The output on the CRawlingChaos site is more or less straight from tape, with all the hiss etc and only the beginning and ends faded in and out. I’ve set it as quite good quality FM mp3 so as not to lose too much.

It’s very keyboard heavy. I guess I was waiting for the guitar to get louder. I fluffed a line or so – I think I was being distracted by the mixing. Jeff comes in with harmony vocals at the end – mmm, that’s nice Max. Listening to myself, I think I had a lot of anger that day hiding behind a shed load of fear and paranoia. It’s the best final explosion sound I made, I think. I don’t think I did better. After the explosion, the following track shows my anger to be dissipated. Watch this space to see what I mean and also for the excellent early version of “Remocarpet” with Jeff singing his original vocals (these were later dropped, I don’t know why).

There’s also a crystal clear studio version of “Ashen” which we played live a lot. From one viewpoint it’s pretty soulless and from another, a clear representation of the statement that is, the title. But it is remarkable for being on one take, everyone performing and no-one making a mistake.

There is also a live version of “Skiall” and “Yoni Suchon” … and … and …

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.