Alistair Campbell – artist & Iggy Connection

In a recent posting of the Crawling Chaos website I mentioned some (potential) ideas for the forthcoming releases and also the work of Alistair Campbell which can be found here and here. Just for fun I’ve taken a few snaps of the picture hanging in my bedroom. I like the ones from acute angles which highlight particular areas of the painting.

The painting is oil on hardboard (I’ve shown pictures that highlight the texture quite well). I gave some money to Alistair and asked him to paint me something that he thought was worth the money. He asked me what to paint so I just said “something I like – you know me – just paint anything”. So that was the result. Personally, I think he short-changed himself. I was thinking it would be something A4 sized-ish. He varnished it at our house in Taunton when we lived there. It was a nice sunny day and he did it outside at the back of the house. I’m very pleased with it and it follows us on our moves. It used to be in the living room but is now above the bed. We’ve had some odd glances at it over the years!

It’s a good subject choice as we were (are) all Iggy fans. I’ve seen the wizened little dude a few times. We went to see him at Exeter University with Alistair and his lot. My daughter Evelyn was only two years old at the time and I had her right at the front in the mosh pit on my shoulders! This was an early introduction for her that seems to have left an imprint as she spends a lot of her time listening to “metal ” in the mosh pit wherever she goes now.

I was thinking of this very time when I was there two years ago on the Men’s Buddhism Course for the Southwest Region of the SGI. I was pondering how to get in touch with Alistair – completely forgetting about google and my I.T. jobs and skills. What a twit.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. I can tell it’s a good picture because the eyes; the eyes; they just follow you round the room; that’s what they say, isn’t it? They just follow you round the room; so it must be, good, right? Because that’s what they say… When the eyes follow you; it’s a good picture; don’t they say that?

  2. metalllll!!!! obviously now i run around like a nutter in the pit instead of sitting on someones shoulders ha!

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