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OCO Satellite Fails

Of course, the title could be applied to anything.  But today’s disappointing news that a space rocket didn’t make it into orbit,I think, may turn out to be something that will be very greatly missed over the coming years.

Failure hits NASA’s ‘CO2 hunter’

The failure of the OCO satellite to make it into orbit means that the world will be starved of really good actual information about the exact nature and extent of the CO2 forced warming going on with the world’s climate.

This means that all sorts of people; both the informed and mal-informed; seekers of truth and seekers for other motives;  –   all will be bereft of hard facts and the world will suffer because of it.

We’ll suffer because people will be able to use the lack of information to bolster their own actions and agendas detrimental to the welfare of the common good.

We’ll suffer because the people who could do most benefit for us will find it hard to garner support because of the lack of clean, good, data.

NASA Fails

Of course, it’s doubly bad for NASA.  Formally a beacon of progress formed from ordinary people made of “the right stuff” doing extraordinary acts and taking uncommon leaps of faith.

Now, a mission of real merit has failed on a rocket of theirs that is more like a Trabant compared to a Volkswagen.  The people of old must be as sick as chips. e.g. All of the Saturn Fives ever launched worked. First time.

This failure comes straight after yet another grounding of the Shuttle before another imminent mission.

Other’s Work

Let’s not forget that the mission cost ~$270m and that seven years’ work and planning has been almost for nothing for the hosts of people involved.  For some of these people it’s literally their life’s work, because they are the people who designed the instruments and were intending to analyse the data and extract the information we all so desparately need.

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