Good News Now

In contrast to ‘What We Need Most’ , what we have now is astonishing progress in the field of genetic research and manipulation that ultimately will improve the live of people with specific conditions and also, it looks likely, everyone who’s ever had a bad tooth, filling, abscess, toothache or crown work will benefit.

Cystic fibrosis gene cure closer

A disease that I have personal knowledge about is closer to a real cure.  The promise of this was over 10 years ago, but the immune systems have been fighting against it…   I hope it works.  I can vouch that it’s a horrible way to die.

Gene could allow lab-grown teeth

The problem of dental caries could soon be removed if this work pans out in it’s intended way.  It means that dentists, as well as pulling teeth, could soon be implanting replacements in the hole made from your own DNA!!!


Incidentally (pun intended), dentists of old used to do this with pulled teeth from criminals or servants, say, and push the pulled tooth into the vacant slot in someone of wealth. Bizarrely, they’d quite often take hold!