Benzy Looks Really Sheik

We had a visit on Saturday from Mahmoud (Mark) Benzahia who was popping back from Saudi to collect his family. I feel very privileged that he stopped by and found time to see us in his lightning fast schedule . He exchanged ideas with my wife on systemic education and management and we reminisced about his time in Bridgwater. Hopefully, he’ll look up stuff about systemic methods of management as it’s seems to be the way forward, although, I think he was using such techniques without having an official sounding name for them…

Mark (with my help) was instrumental in turning the Bridgwater site in a very short time into a model distribution depot that met all targets, adhered to the various ISO and Health & Safety standards and was a clean, tidy and friendly place to work.

The depot is (still) at Bridgwater and was a “PPP” experiment between Exel (at the time) and the NHS distribution arm called NHS Logistics. Despite all the difficulties and obstructions laid in the way by certain second and third parties, a full 10 year contract was won and the new NHS Supply Chain formed. The decisions to go ahead with the contract were largely made during the time Mark was ops manager. Because of the outstanding performance (financial and target-wise) and the professional appearance of the site when visitors arrived, the contract was won.

To enable this sea-change in performance was in part due to my work with the already extant NHS and warehouse data which I manipulated to produce coherent information that Mark, in charge of operations, could use in a most effective manner. At that time, the whole warehouse was performing as a team and the tools I made and that Mark used allowed everyone to do this to their best ability.

This really is a manifestation of the law of cause and effect. You make the cause, the effect happens. I made the information from the data, Mark used it effectively. The effect needed new information, I made new information. Mark acted on it. It was not a single quick-fix thing. It really was using everyone’s skills to the best, changing and evolving continuously. Just like the Buddha said:

All component things in the world are changeable. They are not lasting. Work hard…do your best.

Current performance is sadly, somewhat behind this. Part of this is the lack of use or misuse of the tools that I made and lack of feedback for any changes that may be needed. Current management deems them ineffective perhaps or is unsure of what to do with the information.

I’m not part of that team any more but it’s disappointing to watch. My fingers keep getting itchy to twiddle and my mouth to speak.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. Wahay! Bien sur mon ami! Mr Kelbie has already intimated as such via the text-ing facility of his mobile communications device.

  2. Mr Rees;

    It will be great to have a friend out here, if you decide to come out make sure you choose


    I am sure you will enjoy it out here, great weather all year around, no tax and the fuel is only 6 pence a ltr!!!!

    I am back in Bridgwater on the 28th for my scheduled beer replenishment, I hope you will

    be free to come out for a few pints on the Saturday.

    All the best


  3. Martin and Jill; Goodmorning to you both and hope you are both well.

    Jillian it was lovely meeting you, I thing you are a truly

    fascinating lady and a joy to talk to.

    I find your logic, reasoning and methodology truly fascinating

    I would like to thank you for the lovely cup of tea and the worm welcome you are fantastic people to talk and a privilege to know you both.

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