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Met Roger again for our discussion meeting, down from Liverpool, the city of culture, for a week. After the meeting, we popped down to the Mansion House and watched a little woman coming on strong, like Brenda Lee.

Roger, Roger! This is the tune I was on about in the pub. It’s by John Murphy. Four note bass line under four ascending notes for a melody with increasing effects, sound-scape changes etc as the time passes. In the film 28 Weeks Later it’s a running away scene. But I quite like it how someone has put it on top of the air crashes. Seems appropriate either way. When I first saw the air crashes one I was instantly transported to the Herbert Morrison phrase “Oh The humanity” when he was commentating on the Hindenburg crash (on Youtube here).

I think whatever visuals are applied make the sum total of sound plus vision greater than either would be individually. Lots of music is like this, but not necessarily all. For some music, any sort of visual input is very distracting to the music as a creative piece.

As an aside the visual symbolism of the Hindenburg crash, as the flames appear behind the name, then envelop it, as it, and the nazi swastika on the tail crash to the ground – cannot be understated in light of future events.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.