More Norton Problems

I’ve just seen this posting from Windows Secrets which describes at some length the extra (recent) problems with Norton (Symantech) Security products. Whenever I’ve had to deal with this I always used the little un-installer available from the Symantech website to clean out the thing from a system. It always seemed to work okay – but not now apparently.

But why would I want to do such a thing, remove a carefully crafted and thought out piece of extremely useful software?

—- because it’s a bloated pile of shite, that’s why. It’s slows the system down horribly and insists on downloading over 300Mb of “updates” before it’s satisfied that your PC is safe!!! I’ve given it several tries over the years since 1997 and it’s always the same, except, like heaven compared to Swansea in The League of Gentlemen”, it’s “only bigger”.

After trying every product going (just about anyway…) I use NOD32 from ESET, a bunch of very clever Romanians. I don’t get any money or kudos from saying this, but it’s the best software of it’s type I’ve used. You can see something it’s trapped here on a recent posting. This is a default installation without any of the spyware etc add-ons that are in the usual “security suites”.

Saying this about Norton, off the top of my head, Macaffe is just as bad, pc-cillin misses stuff, Kaspersky locks in too far and has slow-ups as well as a miss. Panda is awful and has missed stuff as well as having annoying audio-visual pop-ups. CA (previously VET) has missed stuff and wanted too much dosh and AVG is too clunky and the default install is a bit leaky.

I’ve tried others as well, but can’t recall the names currently. I just stick with NOD32, it’s fast, accurate and non-intrusive to normal running and seems to detect everything going, despite what several reviewers have said. I just know what I know from quite a bit of experience and empirical testing on my own machines.


By Strangely

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