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Last updated on November 21st, 2015

Following on from my previous little post about DB Cache, I’ve been using it since that time and it seems to be faster to me from little old Blighty.  I use a USA based host so anything I see has to cross the pond anyway, but in a non-logged-in state, page loading is definitely faster than it was.  WP Super Cache is now consigned to the test bed of history.  Long live DB Cache, ha, ha.

Seriously, DB Cache is faster than no caching and Super Cache from my viewpoint, and in the end, that’s what counts.  And BTW, my permalinks work fine now, Hurrah!

Paradoxically, since this time, my host has had quite a few drop-outs and the web access has been lost intermittently.  One time was due to the database server falling over but the rest have been web server issues as far as I can tell.  The mail server has worked okay even when the web server has been off, as has the customer service system server!  I can’t see how the DB Cache plugin is doing this – it’s just co-incidence, I’m 99% sure.  Anyway, I’ve politely told iXWebhosting that their chances are running out and they’ve been very apologetic etc etc.

Watch this space!


  2 Responses to “DB Cache Replaces WP Super Cache”

  1. One thing about this since I’ve used it….make sure you turn it off BEFORE you start doing any big tests and changes to your site. This includes admin screen work as well. There are quite weird happenings… ha ha.

    • Since this post, I've now gone back to using the WP Super Cache which is now getting better and better. Even the upgrade is much improved in it's ease of use…

      Why the change?

      A. The query caching method was making too much of a hit on my old (and pretty naff, I now admit) webhost. It may or may not work on my current host Site5, but I'm now in the phase of "if it ain't broke, don't fix it!"

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