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These two bits are from a recent CTC mailing… The extra opinions and slight exaggerations are my work!

Sheldon Brown

So farewell then, Sheldon Brown. You never did get to vote for Obama. I’m actually a bit sad because you looked a bit of a nutter who livened up the cycling debates in a quite sensible and logical way. I made my new back wheel after reading you up a bit… (radial non-drive side, two cross drive side, double butted spokes.) It works and has stayed true.

Bristol’s Critical Mass Discouraged by Authorities, Friday 25th May 2007

Start of Ride
Start of Ride

Last year there was a Critical Mass cycle ride which is a well known form of demonstration or publicity for the benefits and hazards of cycling. At my guess, the 60+ cyclists in the photo at left are taking up the road space of about 8 travelling cars or 15 parked ones. In light of the problems that followed, maybe each person should drive a tank instead… What would be the speeds and congestion then? Would they be safe from attack?

This link

It's only a Scratch!!!
It's only a Scratch!!!

(and the picture above) shows a bunch of cyclists whizzing round Bristol in excess of the normal average speed for London (12 mph) ! Apparently this is too slow for Bristol so a car driver rammed a cyclist with his car, broke his bike and the cyclist got a wee bit peeved.

Someone else blocked the car so that soon-to-be-attending police could catch him (remember, the cyclist had just been attacked with a ton of metal).

ow!  Geddoff!!
ow! Geddoff!!

So the police told him to fuck off, he lost it a bit (probably been to the pub) and ended up having his knee bent over a sharp kerb which could possibly cripple him for life. (see pictures on the link or copied at left)

Now he’s been prosecuted – and guess what? Well now, the case has been thrown out of court and the police have still taken no action against the dangerous car driver. You must recognise evil and stupidity wherever and whenever you are; In this case, dressed in a police uniform with short hair. We expect the law to be upheld at all times, not when they feel like it and need a few points for their monthly bonus.

Remember, if you’ve read the link, the cyclist was arrested for “non-motor vehicle obstruction of the highway”. While this was going on, ELEVEN police cars had blocked the highway much more effectively.

Actions really do speak louder than words. Dangerous murderously aggressive car driver let go. Noisy cyclist slapped down. Police state, identity cards, people? Your country is safe with us! Hah! Fair play to the magistrates for spotting a lemon disguised as heinous behaviour.

Fear and Loathing in the UK

Also remember, these are the same lot (i.e. the law, the establishment, the powers that be…) who want the right to lock anyone up on THEIR say-so if THEY think you’re a terrorist or something – for 56 days, without access to lawyers, friends or anyone except THEIR appointed representatives. And then they want another 56 days after that if they can’t pin something on you!!! Ad Infinitum.

Where is the freedom in this? This potential law is much more powerful than the straight contempt of court law (which has the same effect on the individual). Except, you don’t even have to go to court to disappear into the cells.

As an aside, during WW2, there was a strike and the war government tried to get it banned and the strikers locked up. Churchill, (not one of my favourite people), put the blockers on this idea saying that the war was on to protect people and their rights, one of which is the right not to work…

Now we are being told to be frightened of a few piss-poor bombers who are about as effective as Inspector Cluso. I say let them drop their bombs because then we’ll all know who they are and can get them. Currently, there’s a movement in the country to tar all Muslims with the same terrorist brush; which is really really bad. So I can only think it’s by design to keep everyone scared – woooh!

The only freedom being protected is the freedom to drive like a maniac and burn up all the earth’s resources until everyone is dead. I’m reminded of the Monty Python lupin sketch with Denis Moore. Freedom to have as many lupins as we want… mmm, yummy.


Ironic Addendum

Arrest, Park, and Ride
Arrest, Park, and Ride

After perusing the photos from the campaign website, I’m reminded of the irony of it all. Let’s see;

  • the ride was to promote one sustainable form of transport from many
  • the car driver was annoyed because the traffic was slow
  • another person decided to help a fellow human being after he was assaulted with a deadly weapon
  • better use of buses would ease congestion

Check out the picture. The guy is being bundled into the police car. Check the background…..The Bristol park and ride bus is COMPLETELY EMPTY!

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  1. Here’s another manifestation of this stupid stupid law of locking people up without due cause. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/7244418.stm
    This latest is a bloke who lost his liberty for FIVE months and is now going to claim huge damages. Well fair play to him. But it’s the whole point.
    Bush’s “war on terror” is supposed to be fighting for liberty and freedom etc but as individuals, we are not free and it’s certainly easy to lose your liberty… Even easier if you get chucked into the Bush Fudge called Guantalemo Bay where the normal rules of war etiquette as enshrined in the Geneva Convention by nearly all peoples are conveniently forgotten.
    I think it’s the pot calling the kettle black when the west decides to criticise China http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/world/asia-pacific/7242725.stm People are bandying it’s executions record about saying that it does more than the rest of the world put together. Well it’s population IS more than the rest of the world put together. Apparently it’s executed some business people for fraud and other dodgy practices – since the USA executes people, perhaps it’s something they should consider in light of their corrupt corporations and business leaders(Enron, Low Prime mortgages, Conrad Black, Thyssen/Bush/Rockefeller/JP Morgan/General Motors/Microsoft). It would certainly make the accountants more accountable…!!

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