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Possibly More Cool Than You Think It Will Be

Browser Ball: Possibly More Cool Than You Think It Will Be
Browser Ball: Possibly More Cool Than You Think It Will Be

With the tag-line “Possibly More Cool Than You Think It Will Be”, Browser Ball is a demonstration of the work going on at Google specifically at their new Chrome web browser.  See this page.  It’ll also take you to some other demonstrations of the Chrome Experiments.  One of these is called SmallTalk, which is ironic as it’s one of the original OOP languages and one I used at University.

There are warnings about the experiments only being suitable for Chrome, but in actual fact, Browser Ball works fine on my Firefox (currently v3.0.7).  See the screen dump pictured above.  It won’t work on M$ Internet Explorer, and I haven’t even tried…  It’s still a fine, weird example of programming.  Open the window, make a new window, set the ball off bouncing, drag it between windows, add another window etc  The ball obeys some gravity rules and you can even get it doing weird spin effects as it ricochets off walls!

I can see the parent-child thing going on.  What I also see is an ideal way to manage staff rotas on a web page!  If only we could get away from asp…

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  1. Yay…
    I tried it in Opera and Opera crashed. The Visual Studio 2008 debugger tried to kick in…
    I tried it in Chrome and (not surprisingly) it worked.
    In IE8, there are no buttons or anything to get the ball going. So yes, a totally different code base going on there.

    I don’t use Safari as a few months back when Apple first started plugging the Windows’ version, it worked of a sort and then was found to have severe security holes so I removed it and haven’t gone back.

    I think we are still some way from a standards compliant web that everyone can agree on!

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