Crawling Chaos History Update

After having a bit more chat with Holly, I’ve put together (in my own mind at least) a few extra Crawling Chaos happenings after my self-imposed exile from music, drink and psychedelics … I’ve updated the Crawling Chaos site in a concise way.

Doubtless Harry felt a bit peeved about being left on his own to do everything. His (music) style is substantially different to Holly’s although closer to mine. So I can sympathise with his being aggrieved. I can also sympathise with his wishes to leave the past behind and progress with new adventures once he closed the door on the Crawling Chaos – writing a book or screenplay perhaps. I can also understand him getting pissed off with Baldy Chester banging on his door all the time, and thus everyone else… It was Chester who raked up the past under the disguise of “it’s all about the music; it is only ever was about the music, man”. Since he said that to me I’ve heard fuck all – and still no money!

After my departure, the band had a shed load of different members, some only for a single gig. One was a wizard saxophone player who was a solicitor and did it for fun. He was really hard to play live with as he played with his eyes shut (like the Muppet’s sax player) and consequently missed the nod for all the changes!

Another was a guy who does sculpture now. I met him last Friday at the White Elephant in Ashington. He lived in King Olaf’s bungalow next door to Bebside Studios.

Output was entirely on limited issue cassette although a video was mooted. Newer keyboards came with another keyboard player and there was even a poetry reading session.

Jeff did more vocals, although the ghost of Lou Reed continued to haunt him. I’ve got some audio and photos of some live shows with this.

If I get time, I’ll get Holly to write this lot down properly, unless anyone else has their three farthings worth to add. I’d like it done properly rather than my limited information.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.