What’s the Difference between Grendel, the Nazis and the Bush Administration?

Nothing really!

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Bush Nazi Grendel

Also we have the latest news of the monstrous Bush administration here. He wants to take away all limits to surveillance (not that they were adhered to much!). He claims a dangerous intelligence gap is opening up….

…er no. What is actually happening is that he’s finally realised that he’s been caught with his hands in the cookie jar and is trying frantically to destroy the crumbs of evidence and catch anyone telling tales about him before it’s too late.

We all know who the bad guys are and we don’t need extra police state rules to show us.

And if you think I’m using the “we” word a bit too possessively, me being a UK citizen and all; just remember, that exactly the same shit is happening here as in the states.

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By Strangely

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