How Much does the US/UK War (sorry, war on terror) cost?

There’s a neat book just been released by a Nobel prize winning author Joseph Stiglitz, and Linda Bilmes of Harvard, that counts the true financial cost of the Bush conspired conflict. This is a BBC article and a similar one on The Guardian written by Aida Edemariam who met him.

It’s a truly staggering piece, and if true, shows the complete disregard for sense, natural order, civility, and mathematics that the Bush administration has had, but also the pure hypocrisy, greed and terrible decisions that they demonstrated time after time that will haunt the west for decades.

I predict that within five years their legacy will be so bad that anyone remotely connected to them will have distanced themselves as far as possible because, in all likelihood, the Bush personnel will be held up as international criminals of the highest order, guilty of embezzlement, illegal imprisonment, murder, torture, war crimes, vote rigging, perverting the course of justice, and even, if the Baer bank saga pans out properly, treason.

Read the two links above through.

Here’s the Twin Towers story about it being an insurance scam by the owner and also the Bin Laden family being in cahoots with the Bush family. It’s certainly controlled explosions. I thought that when I first saw it…

And here’s another about the truth behind old gran-pappy Bush and his descendants from the work of John Buchanan. Nazi links, dodgy money and all.

This is another take on the 9/11 saga

These videos may sound a bit mad but if you consider these points below, all taken from information freely available on the web and tie it all together in your mind, the truth that is partly revealed is shocking. Perhaps it’s too shocking to believe and people don’t wish to look stupid or non-patriotic at times of national crisis to even think that these things could be true. We don’t want to think that these people can get away with murder in our name – so we just let them rather than doing anything about it. People are sheep. It’s easy. You are warm, fed, can buy most things you need or can find someone to blame if you can’t…


  • Bush got elected by a couple of chads
  • His brother as governor of Florida rigged the vote to get these chads to work
  • His father is a member of a secret society
  • Loads of the secret society run the CIA
  • His father was in an airairplane with two other men in WW2 when it got hit.
  • His father was UN ambassador when the CIA got a democratically elected leader of another country (Chile) killed.
  • His father ran the CIA and conveniently got out just before the Iran revolution
  • Dick Cheney was Defense secretary to GHW and VP to Bush W during the two Iraqian invasions.
  • Halliburton, Cheney’s company has got 19.2 billion dollars of contracts in Iraq
  • Colby was in charge of the CIA when Allende died.
    • Colby had notable liberal views and mysteriously died in a boating accident when he’d started writing books of his experiences
    • Kissinger got Colby sacked and replaced by GHW Bush and Secretary of Defense Schlesinger by Rumsfeld
    • Rumsfeld, Bush, Cheney started the “war on terror”, invaded Iraq for oil, Afganistan for fear factor
    • Schlesinger’s predessor at the CIA when things were made tough in Chile, Vietnam etc was Richard Helms
      • Helms is the only CIA director to be convicted of lying to congress
        • Despite this he got medals and all sorts
    • Helms died a very painful death from bone cancer – karmic retribution started before he died!
  • GHW was in conference with Bin Laden’s brother when the twin towers were struck on 11 September
    • 11 September was the day President Allende died
  • The Taliban cleaned all opium out of Afganistan and the world price rocketed for heroin (from which it’s made)
  • Since the Taliban lost power with the US/UK invasion, opium cultivation is booming right under everyone’s noses
    • Street price of heroin is cheaper now than it’s ever been
    • Opium money is fuelling the “terrorists” – or patsies.
  • This youtube video says it all. Make sure you follow the extra text in About This Video

This is not fiction folks. That smiling folksy chump Bush and his entourage are as evil as they come!

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