Cyclist Killer gets Locked Up

Today, a woman has been locked up for killing a cyclist by whacking into him in her red BMW 3 series while text-ing on her mobile phone.

You know the saying that two drunks walking towards each other down the street never bump into each other – only the lamp-post? Well it’s not true.

In this case, two idiots on the road bashed into each other. The trouble was that one was on his bike, the other in her car. They were both equally to blame and both suffered from a shocking lack of care and consideration for other people – not just on the road, but everywhere. It’s not just the car driver. The cyclist’s actions could have forced the car driver to swerve and crash into a group of children, say. That’s the lack of respect for other people.

Lets look at the mistakes that could easily be avoided:

  • She
    • was doing 45 mph in a 30mph zone
    • was doing this speed through traffic lights (Highway code says “proceed with caution“, even when you’ve got the right of way
    • was using her mobile phone
    • was texting on the mobile which is even more distracting than speaking
  • He
    • was cycling through a red light at a junction
    • Highway code says “Stop at the red light” – now we know why

Apparently, he wasn’t wearing a hat – neither do I, and for good reason – they’re dangerous on many counts, not least the false sense of security. Anyone who thinks that wearing a hat will stop the soft parts of your body or even your head getting mushed up when hit by at least a ton of metal travelling at 45 mph – is a nutter. Try hitting a piece of liver or a box of eggs with a meat tenderiser – that’s the effect!

It just looks like the Buddhist law of cause and effect in action I’m afraid. They both made bad causes and they’re both getting the bad effect. The bad effect is pure Darwinian natural selection in action.

How’s that?

He made a mental decision to do a physical action that was a mistake easily avoided and paid for it with his life and won’t breed – end of gene line;

She has been locked up at her most fertile age which will give her reduced chances of finding a mate and if she does breed, her offspring will be statistically less likely to survive. Also, she made the decisions to drive a red BMW, go fast and go blindly like a lemming. These traits will be passed on to her offspring.

Anyone who thinks that this sort of thing only applies to monkeys and fruit flies is also a nutter.


By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.