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As time passes, we see the Buddhist concept of “karmic retribution” really coming into view with all the latest happenings with wacky backy Jacqui Smith, the (as I write this morning) current Home Secretary for HM Gov in the UK.  The continuing saga of her rule-bending expenses and her husband’s adult activities while she’s away have provided both titillation for the masses and fuel for the boot boys who want her gone.  It’s the adversarial nature of politics after all to make your opponent suffer.
But for Smith, and her husband, might I suggest some alternative viewing pleasure on the box of “My Name is Earl“.  Notionally an ensemble acting comedy about red-necks like American Jade Goody’s, it contains gems of real truth and substance.  A little bit of study there will improve both their lives immensely and provide a better concept of “freedom” for her – something that her ever more draconian pronouncements from her lofty position constantly chips away at.

As the characterisation for Earl J Hickey states, “he has a clouded grasp of right and wrong”.  Nothing could describe Jacqui Smith more perfectly!


Unfortunately on the radio this morning, I heard that “calls are being made” to get rid of the whole expenses thing for MPs and give them all a higher salary, something “appropriate to their status” or words to that effect.

I say unfortunately, because this is exactly the wordage that the corrupt bankers and the other large “remuneration committee” folks say when trying to justify the obscene pay ‘packages’ these people get.  They say, “we have to pay this or else we can’t get the calibre of people we require”.

This of course is tosh, for industrialists, bankers and MPs.  As representatives of the people they should be subject to the same realities that ordinary people have to endure every day of their lives, else they are as despicable as the politburo of a communist oligarchy.  The only, and I mean the only difference between “them” and “us”, is that they should have, and do have, the freedom to say quite slanderous things about fellow members, but only within “the House”.  This is to ensure proper debate and so that things can be said without fear.

Outside the House is different, and that’s why they should claim decent expenses for their work.  This shouldn’t include marble fireplaces for a house – or a house if travel is reasonable.  Neither should a £2000 per month flower bill for an office be a reasonable claim.  I can’t claim expenses for things like that, so neither should they.

To do so is theft, plain and simple.  It’s not reasonable.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.