Bush’s Double Standards in Texas, Pakistan and Afghanistan

I’ve just seen a news article today about a man who’s been locked in a jail for about 30 years and no-one knew where he was! He belongs to the world’s largest democracy, India, and has been jailed in Pakistan since 1973! This is the same Pakistan that George Bush has decided is a friend to root out the “terrorists” in Afghanistan. See this video: https://youtu.be/mZ0u0AznFTc

You’ll notice that the jailing policy in Pakistan is remarkably similar to the Guantalemo Bay lock-ups! Ah yes! A true friend of democracy and freedom, with justice for all, indeed.

Kurdish inhabited area by CIA
Kurdish inhabited area by CIA

Unfortunately, George also mentions the terrorist organisation , the PKK, who live some way from Pakistan, in Turkey/Iran/Iraq/Syria, because he is being interviewed in Turkey. He does a direct jump to the PKK after saying that he needs Pakistan to provide information on “terrorists” “hiding” in Pakistan from Afghanistan. This is the same Pakistan that is clueless about who they’ve got jailed, and why, like the guy in the BBC article above.

George Bush - Mission Accomplished
George Bush – Mission Accomplished

Therein lies the problem. If George really wanted the bad guys dead in that country, they’d be dead and there would be no more poppy fields creating such misery in Britain and elsewhere. The Taliban managed it, a little tin-pot group who struggle to get anything bigger than a rowing boat in the open, let alone put men on the moon. So why can’t George? Why doesn’t he want to?

Never a Dearth of Corpses
This is war in black and white – Never a Dearth of Corpses

George has his “in god we trust” induced “war on terror”. We all know that one man’s freedom fighter is another’s terrorist. Now war isn’t rhetoric. This is war. It’s in colour now if they let you see the results, that’s the only difference.

George was never in a war, never in the military…“I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity.” – said Dwight D Eisenhower, former US president.

The PKK are a Kurdish organisation. They’ve been pejoratively called Marxist by George. Marx started the idea of communism after the French, who still live in “Communes”. Watch out France! George doesn’t like that. (oh I forgot! They do watch out – they have their own independent nuclear deterrent – and the rockets point east and west from France). Here’s a map of where the Kurds live and speak:

Kurdish Areas in Red– quite a way from Pakistan.

George is from Texas, as he’s always telling us. Now Texas was started by a minority bunch of English people deciding that they didn’t like their rulers, Spanish speaking Mexico. So they became terrorists. The Battle of The Alamo was part of this fiasco. Eventually, the terrorists won and then Texas was ANNEXED by the United States. For comparison, England and Scotland had been at war for centuries but had an official “Act of Union” in 1707.

The poor old Kurds meanwhile have been shat on for centuries and continue to be so by everyone – including George Bush now.

It’s not good enough to say that they should follow the law of the ballot box (in Turkey, say), 1 million Kurds, Armenians, Pontian Greeks and Assyrians were massacred after WW1 in what is now Turkey after being stirred up against each other, Saddam Hussein continued the process in Iraq due to the Bush family ineptitude. Currently, Turkey is invading Iraq to catch and kill some Kurds. This is on top of the pogroms from the Arabs and the Mongols in earlier centuries. But through all of history the Kurds have maintained their existence and language in and about the red area on the map. And unlike Texans, they are the majority in their areas.

It’s not their fault that the national boundaries don’t go round the red bits. The boundaries were drawn (mainly by the British who were after oil, that’s why they are so straight!) after WW1. Weasely promises by Woodrow Wilson, (much like the Bush senior promises of help to the marsh arabs and northern Kurds in Iraq after Gulf War I), led the Kurds to help end the Ottoman Empire with a promise of a secure homeland with the Treaty of Sevres. The Turks ditched that plan and it’s been hell there ever since.

It’s not the Kurds fault that the Turkish government has a weird prohibition on speaking Kurdish. I’d like to remind English speakers here that this was the case for the Welsh, IN WALES, as they were oppressed by the English until very recently.

My grandfather Rees told me that he didn’t learn English until he went to school, and when he did, he learnt it fast as the teachers whacked him round the head if he spoke Welsh – his language – in class! This was in the town of Brynamman around about 1900.

  • So, the PKK are fighting for a free homeland, in a place they’ve always lived, speaking their own language like they always have.
  • The Texans fought for a place to be the arrogant twats they are, in a foreign land where they’d never lived, speaking their language in preference to the native speakers.

Leyla Zana said patriotically and in a heartfelt way,

‘I shall struggle so that the Kurdish and Turkish peoples may live together in a democratic framework.’

– at her inaugural speech. The trouble was that she said it in Kurdish so she was locked up from 1994 to 2004. So it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it! Nelson Mandela famously refused a high Turkish honour because of this.
The PKK have supposedly made ~30k casualties (not dead!) since the early 70’s in fighting for their freedom. In actual fact, the conflict has claimed about the same as the number of casualties in the Northern Ireland troubles over the same sort of time period. (~40,000 killed and injured). Many of these N.I. casualties were the direct result of money raised in the streets and bars of New York.

The USA has caused the deaths of at least 700,000 Iraqis fighting for the Iraqi’s “democracy” (not their own!). By the way, the annual road US deaths toll is ~60k. The fuel for the killer cars originally came from Texas (where the Bush family got it’s fortune from) and now comes from Iraq! I’m telling you, there’s a shed load of bad karma building up here!

Now people have long memories. The Kurds are no different to the Welsh or English. Many English are proud of the great victories over the French at Azincourt and Crecy. These were over 600 years ago and people talk about them as if they were yesterday. (BTW, I’ve visited both sites!)

Kurds Being Killed without reason or just cause.
Kurds Being Killed without reason or just cause.

Why should the Kurds feel any friendship to the Turks or Iraqis when people alive now were witness to their atrocities? This is a picture of one. It won the Pulitzer Prize.

Surely the way forward for the Kurds is a solution like that in Northern Ireland. The Kurds need to find a way through Buddhist dialogue and the other forces at work, the Turks and especially the USA, need to stop referring to them as terrorists and recognise the validity of their claims. They are separate peoples with their own identity and should be seen to be so. Only then will the peoples come together, much like in the United Kingdom, and retain their own identities within a common framework. Just like Leyla Zana said.

The way forward for Afghanistan is to get rid of the Bush Administration and make sure nothing like it is allowed the reins of power in the US ever again. This would have benefits to mankind in many areas – the environment, global warming, global famine, global war, global freedom.

“In the councils of government, we must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military-industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.” – Dwight D Eisenhower

However, I’m seriously depressed at seeing this happen as it seems that Americans, the great swaggering bulk of them, seem incapable of electing anyone with more than two syllables in the name. Certainly within recent history. The UK seems to be going the same way. Even the opposition leader, Cam-er-on, wants be known as “Dave”, which is shorter, to compete with Brown and formerly Blair.

By Strangely

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  1. A bit of info on the idea of communism…

    The communes really started in France with the French Revolution where (despite many bad things happening) a horribly oppressed populace rose up against an excessive domineering government with no morals. They have been a legal entity in France since 1837 – about the time that the English in Texas were fighting at the Alamo.

    Marx took the word and lots of the principals and created communism. The word comes from the Latin communis, “things held in common”.

    A bit after this, on their 100th anniversary, the French gave the USA the Statue of Liberty, which is still there, symbolically and iconically.

  2. Hey Mr Mole. Don’t you know sarcasm is the lowest form of wit…?

    ..and apart from that, I never said he was a hypocrite. He’s always made his intentions perfectly clear. He just chooses to ignore problems and does what he intended to do anyway, regardless of the outcome. Anyone who disagrees with him or points out that his sole goal is the promotion and aggrandisement of himself and his cronies, is “threatening national security”.

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