Weird Info on the Cost of the “War on Terror” at Mildenhall

An interesting take on the cost of the “war on terror” and also the true level of “Military Intelligence” (for that’s what it’s called) in the US military is revealed in agricultural England. The place is Mildenhall, Suffolk, site of a US airbase (and a Raines’s Dairy I used to deliver to….but that’s another story.)

  • First, the cost of the war
    • Mildenhall, like lots of airfields, used to have an air day with acrobatics and stuff.
      • Then they cancelled it
      • But then they decided to have a tickets only “thank you” day for the locals called a Community Appreciation Day
      • Then they cancelled that
      • A spokesman, Col Richard Devereaux, said the new cuts were to help pay the rising costs of the global war on terrorism!!!
        • So a little local do will cost so much that it’ll ground all the rockets and airplanes – nah…. it’s Fear and Doubt again (FUD), and power and control.
  • Second, Military Intelligence
    • The website of the Eastern Daily Press, EDP24, reported the story of Gary Sinnott. It’s since been picked up by various agencies, such as here and here.
    • He has had a website, as a local interest portal for local people since windows 95 days.
    • Despite this, military intelligence is so poor that they got it confused with
    • So Mr Sinnott has had to close his site down for two reasons:
      1. He’s a good chap and he was getting secret information and documents. The people cared so little about state secrets, that they didn’t even check the address for mailing! (remember, the US military has got more reserved IP addresses than any other organisation. No need really when they can’t get the right one in the first place).
      2. His systems were getting overloaded with military and personal crap like videos as well as spam.
    • So basically
      • most top secret stuff is waffle or TV soap standard dialogue.
      • most people don’t care a toss for military secrets.
      • this is the standard of people who work in the military or are likely to communicate with military personnel i.e. they get confused between [com] and []
        • Well they look the same to me …
          • … and it’s all becoming clear as the reason for all this “friendly fire” stuff – they’re confused. Unless the bad guys wear all black, masks, and carry bags marked “BOMB”, and the good guys wear all white dinner suits, are clean shaven and have clean teeth, and a flash watch, they can’t tell anyone apart.

    Gary Sinnott at his PC

This last bit reminds me of something that was said in WW1 and was repeated in WW2. It goes like this:

When we start firing, the Germans duck.

When the Germans start firing, we duck.

When the Americans start firing, everyone ducks!

On a wider scope, the official line is that the highly expensive technology works wonders (shock and awe, surgical strikes, etc). The true state of things is that big bombs kill big numbers of people but words and actions can do much more. The people involved don’t care a toss about the war or it’s implementation, as long as they have a job, preferably not on the front line. The Bush administration has sold everyone the line that:

  • there is a “war on terror”,
  • they are going to win it,
  • but it will take time, possibly decades.

– precisely because, like a mirror of their sub-ordinates, they don’t care a toss about the war or it’s implementation, as long as they can make lots of money and keep their privileged positions, definitely not on the front line. Their words and actions betray their motives like litmus paper shows acid.
In actual fact:

  • there is no need for a war
  • they could win the argument without fighting or major loss of life
  • this could be sorted in a very short time.

By Strangely

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