Try to Block Registration Spam on my WordPress Installations

I’ve installed a plugin to attempt to block the registration spam I get. Most of it comes from Russia (,, say). It’s not doing damage as I have everyone locked down to subscriber level initially – it’s more a pain to check and delete periodically. First I’ll check the username and email address strings in Google. Usually, the names will be on shed load of websites powered by different forum and blogging engines and with a very eclectic mix of topics! The names will not have made any posts or comments and will be registered on all the sites on the same day. Yup! Registration spam!

Bizarrely, I get less on the most hit-worthy WordPress site than the second most popular one. The settings are exactly the same… hmmm.

So I’ve installed Sabre to give it a go. This is the author’s Sabre page. I found the details here as well as much useful commentary feedback. The settings seems very simple and obvious so if it works for me I shall be very pleased! 🙂

By Strangely

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