Microsoft Spam in Outlook 2007

I’ve recently set up Outlook 2007 as my main nerve centre software for marshalling my information. Don’t laugh – I’ve used it since Outlook 98 was given away free on a magazine cover disc. Despite all I’ve said about M$, it’s actually pretty good with a shed load of functionality and UI options. The only thing I have to watch out for is to be careful not to send non-outlook users (especially Lotus Notes), messages formatted in Outlook rtf (rich text format), as all they get is a winmail.dat file. Usually, everything I send and read is plain text for security – and has been so for years!

However, I had to laugh this morning. One of my long-time mail list subscriptions is to Microsoft TechNet and the source address is

Amazingly, the default settings in Outlook 2007 are to class the message as Junk Mail!

Is someone trying to tell me something? Is this a kind of reverse Easter Egg thing from a disgruntled M$ programmer?

I think we should be told!

By Strangely

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