Admirable Courage by Our Young Folk

@AmazonWatch the above video of part of the G20 protests.  At around 1:30, green jacketed police attack the crowd in a phalanx formation – a bit like an open-topped Roman testudo.  Flailing their batons, they press on down their own  protected right flank (by some container-type hoardings) into the crowd of protesters.

Amazingly, our young people:

  • shout “this is not a riot”
  • bravely stand unmoving against the onslaught
  • raise their hands clearly into the air
  • still stay rooted to the spot

Several stay like this while batons and Spartan-like shields are menacingly wafted right in their faces.  Around 3:30, a guy in a red pullover has a really hard time maintaining his posture against all this.  He’s knocked down (like Tomlinson was), but gets up again, hands in the air.  Unmoving.

A French Hairy OneThey’ve been told to move.  Why should they move?  Where should they go?  They’ve been ‘kettled’ here in this ‘demonstration zone’ by the police under orders from their masters anyway.

So here they stay.

I’m really pleased to see them stand their ground.  This is what the French hairy ones did at Verdun in WW1.  They said “they shall not pass“.  I’m so glad to see people still do it.

At last, after my initial complaining, I’m seeing some footage of the G20 event that hasn’t been cleansed and doctored by the media.  It’s just so sad that it took the death of one man, Tomlinson, to get this process going.   Truth will out.

And finally, I’ll repeat Ikeda’s words that I wrote first thing this morning:

Great individuals fight abuses of authority. The truly strong do not lord it over the weak. People of genuine strength and courage battle against the powerful, the arrogant, the authoritarian, the evil and corrupt – all who look down on people with contempt

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.

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  1. “High Plains Drifter” , directed by and starring Clint Eastwood was on the telly tonight..
    It’s years since I saw it last – the town painted red, the rape, the scenery, the whippings, the dwarf, the cowardice and the courage.

    Truly it’s a fine film and a prime example of what happens when people don’t defend themselves beyond their own immediate interests. It’s allegorical and surreal – a pseudo horror film of clear air, bright light, darkness and camera angles.

    In the end, the few survivors are genuinely happy because they can see the torment that’s been removed from their lives. This is called realisation in Buddhism. They’ve been shown a way to behave. Granted there was bloodshed. But Shijo Kingo was a Samurai.
    Also, it’s just a story.

    I was doubly impressed a minute ago when I read that John Wayne was really upset by the film. Fair play Clint! John Wayne had some serious issues with regard to patriotism and freedom especially during the 50’s witch-hunts.

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