Strangely Perfect’s First lay since 1985

Yes. It’s the first proper bit of recording I’ve done since 1985 and Crawling Chaos. It took a couple of hours fiddling in Reaper, mainly seeing what the bits do.

It’s quite a bit different to the original, I think, done by Colin Vearncombe, who dreamt it up. You can find it on an earlier post here. It’s two mikes on voice and acoustic 12 string guitar. Done in Reaper. You’ll see I quite often hear things differently to other folk…

18/3/2008 – remixed with gongyo bell doubled & downtuned by different amounts! It’s a lot smoother than the first time I mixed it and it has a Sargasso Sea touch!

27/3/2008 – It’s just dawned on me that I must really like the sound-scape effect of controlled echo. This track I’ve managed to keep a good controlling lid on the several different echoes. In Jhonn’s Angel and D.S.S., say, because of time constraints and other factors, the echoes are always just on the point of losing it all the way through.

Jhonn’s Angel for comparative purposes.

( Jhonn’s Angel is best heard really loud because that’s how we mixed it. There wasn’t enough time to check it at different volumes and through different speaker set-ups.)

By Strangely

Founding member of the band Crawling Chaos from the North-East of England


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