Bridgwater Escapes First March Storm Surge

BridgwaterStormSurge_200803_001 BridgwaterStormSurge_200803_002
BridgwaterStormSurge_200803_003 BridgwaterStormSurge_200803_004

Britain was warned for ages about the oncoming storm which arrived last night. Bizarrely, this morning for the spring high tide, there was no wind. We are in the eye of the storm! The big winds are supposed to arrive in a few hours…

These pictures show the state of the high tide just as it turned. Another dodgy one will be this evening about nine-ish. This could be worse as the westerlies will have been really pushing the water up the Bristol Channel.

Something odd I noticed was that the tide had just passed it’s peak and was already going down (you can see this in shot 3 and I have another not uploaded that shows the rate of fall) – but the river was still coming in! This can only mean that there is an outgoing current along the bottom of the River Parrett – and it’s actually carrying more water out than the top current is bringing in! The tidal flow was still moving at 2-3 knots when I took the photos….

Roll on tonight! Remember, we’ve the second highest tidal range in the world!

BridgwaterDockEntrance_200702_001 BridgwaterDockEntrance_200702_002 BridgwaterDockEntrance_200702_003
BridgwaterDockEntrance_200702_004 BridgwaterDockEntrance_200702_005

Added later…

These are a few pictures from about the same spot taken last year with the tide going out. It’s still got a couple of metres to go down!

The wide variation in tide height can be clearly seen by comparing the shots with those at the top!

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