Does Anyone want to go on an adventurous drive to Mail Next Week?

Amar and Eric

Jillian has just asked me to put it about that Amar (see guy on the left) is off on another driving mission to Mali in Africa and he’s short of at least one person.

Taxi Vans in Bamako
Taxi Vans in Bamako

Amar is a Berber who lives in North-West France and at semi-regular intervals does trips to Mali where everything is sold. There is a crying need for stuff like vans and fridges in Mali and Amar has been doing it for years. The vans have holes cut in the walls when they get there and are used as taxis or buses. (see here as well). The vans are all reconditioned and kept on the road by a strategically positioned network of mechanics that Amar has evolved over the years. The trip starts in north-west France and goes down through Spain, across the Straits of Gibraltar, down through Morocco, (what was) Spanish Sahara, Mauritania, scoot across the corner of the Sahara Desert then to Mali. It takes a few weeks, say 3 to 6. You fly back from Bamako, the Mali capital.

Jillian went last year, see here for instance and maybe will go again after two days in Bridgwater…

For details and more info contact me here or Jillian on her website explaining why you are good enough.

You must be quick! Departure is in a week or so! Needless to say, you’ll need a passport and possibly some inoculations, I can’t remember which ones though. HM Gov’ll let you know. Don’t bother with the malaria one’s though – they just make you ill. If you get it, you get the shots when you’re there and they work. The best thing is a malaria net – keep the blighters away.

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