Top Browser, IE6!


I use a myriad of plugins on my website (and have tested zillions more).

A plugin, for those that don’t know, is an add-on to the basic WordPress install that I use to run this blog.  You can get plugins for all sorts of blogging, forum and CMS systems…

Anyway, for a week, I’m going to leave the statistics that I collect using the Wassup plugin on view in the right menu.  Why?

A.  Because out of curiosity I wondered how my visitors compared to the general trend.


Currently, over the past month, the top web browser of my visitors is IE6!!!  This is remarkable.  It was invented at the turn of the millennium!

It’s successor, IE7, is actually surpassed by Firefox 3!

This puts my visitor mix right out of the loop compared to the general worldwide statistics.  These are shown here:

Browser Splits
Browser Splits

In basic terms, my visitors are nothing like the average!  So fair play to you!  And fair play to me!

Operating Systems

My top visitor OS is Windows XP.  This ties in well with the Market Share data here.  I’m not surprised given it’s overwhelming dominance and the reluctance of consumers to move and the readiness of many manufacturers to supply roll-back versions of Vista.  I can see the trend continuing because M$ with Windows 7, intend to supply a roll-back to XP for that as well – bypassing Vista no less!


Frankly, it’s appalling.  IE6 is a major vector for the transmission of much of the malware zipping around the globe.  Granted, it’s probably installed as the default on a large number of cracked copies of Windows, but even then, there are many free and secure alternatives that can be used.

This is why I’ve installed another plugin to pop up a message to anyone reaching this website using IE6!  It advises them to change to a better browser with suggestions and links therein.  Unfortunately, I haven’t even got a test machine with that old crap on it so I don’t know if it works!  So anyone, let me know if you see the message, please!

BTW, I’ll turn off the browser & OS stats after a week of this as it slows down page loading a bit.

By Strangely

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  1. I fired up Internet Explorer to check – no pop-up and it gives an error on page message.

    1. Thanks Not Kevin. It means that your IE is +6, I hope!

      I have IE8 and it’s the same. All the WP blogs I’ve done all get an error in IE, shown very small in the bottom left of the status bar. It’s to do with the Amazon ads and is part of their core functionality. I think there’s some interaction with themes or plugins but I’ve never had time to trace it all through. IMHO, if the page loads and looks okay then that’s all most people bother about. And the updates from the various software creators happen so fast sometimes that it’s not worth customising your code to get it all W3C compliant because as soon as you do it, the plugin (or ad) code will change and you’ve got the same problem. Probably, if JS is turned off, the errors will go, but then some functionality is lost also.

      If I get a persistent problem I’ll trace it through. The offending plugin is unceremoniously ditched. I’ve tried hundreds over the years. It’s all a case of mix and match. For instance, I could never get the All-In-One-SEO to work. Other stuff mucked it up and I liked the other stuff preferentially. A bit later, another plugin arrived that could do all this ‘other stuff’, so I removed a wodge of little plugins, tried the All-In-One-SEO, and it worked! The key is to be flexible and get the job done. Whatever works… use it! I have this same thing at work where a solution is…yesterday! So the pressure is on, code,code,code and out comes the new tool. It may not look pretty initially, but it gets the numbers (or more correctly, information) out that people want (I design data analysis tools in a logistics environment and work for the 7th largest company in the world doing it!)

      Rant over! Ha Ha.

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