In the name of Christ they’re Sick, Sick, Sick

I thought we’d got rid of all the stupid flagellant stuff from the Middle Ages when people were primitive and bestial, trusting in a primordial god-figure to save themselves from the wrath of hell.

But no. So called civilised people are getting themselves crucified as a form of penance, but, being the modern world, it’s now a great tourist attraction, satisfying the basal instincts of the mob that gets bigger every year. It’s all here on this news link for today.  No doubt the YouTube videos are being passed around the playgrounds as we speak, chipping away at people’s disgust threshold and increasing the population’s tolerance for all things dastardly and horrible with the world.  It’s in the Philippines.  Basingstoke next then?

The Catholic Church has come all out against it (as if!) and says it “frowns upon it“. This is the same bunch that gets seriously upset if anyone says that Jesus might’ve been gay or didn’t exist or Mary Magdalene was a hooker or anything.

I think it’s time they got their priorities sorted mate, don’t you? Christ’s commandment at the Last Supper was supposedly to “love one another”…

There’s something here that doesn’t quite add up. (sarcasm alert!)

Mind you. It could be worse.  If it was a Muslim lot doing it and anyone commented on it then you’d get blown up or something, like in that Danish cartoon thing.  There, a Danish dude drew a picture depicting the irony of someone hiding behind a peaceful religion going around bombing ordinary people.  It’s in the news again today….Bin Laden is rabble-rousing the uneducated masses to bomb anyone who suggests that he’s a bomber….again….   You work it out…

I’ll see if I can find the picture again and put it out.  It shows a truth I guess, but is designed to offend those whose offence thresholds are markedly skewed to mine.

oo! oo!  better be careful!

Nah! Call a spade a spade.