Why Does No-one Lie Anymore?

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Mar 252008

Last updated on February 18th, 2017

Sorry. What I meant to say is:

“Why, if ordinary people lie and are punished for it, do public people lie and apparently get away with it, so much so that people think it normal behaviour?”

Or, in other words:

Why do the media not use the word “LIE” , anymore?

Two recent lying events have come to light and show two mealy mouthed lying bitches for what they are! And yet the “meeja” continue to push the lines out that are fed to them by the “public personalities”. Why don’t they just call a LIE what it is? It’s a perfectly good word that everyone knows what it means. It’s short and sweet, so obviously as a linguistic construct it’s a VERY important word – i.e. It’s usual for immediately important words like shit, fuck, man, die, arm, leg, bus, car, airplane, telly, king etc to be very short simply because people can’t afford to waste time on big words. Similarly, unimportant words and phrases like presidential candidate are too long and soon get forgotten.

Anyway, I digress. The two lying bitches, or if that’s a bit too strong – economical with the truth bitches, are Hilary Clinton and the old Geordie bint Heather Mills, a Lindisfarne Gospels’ worth of embellishment of mutton dressed as lamb.


Today, it’s come out that Herren Clinton said she went to Bosnia and got off the airplane under fire, ducking and dodging bullets. This CBS news article on YouTube does a very fine comparison between her words and the reality. We all know the camera can lie but the video evidence is very conclusive and hard to forge!

The result;

  • her spokesperson Howard Wolfson said she “misspoke”!
  • She herself called it a “minor blip”!
  • The BBC couldn’t take the weight of authority upon themselves to call it a lie.

I call it a lie and she is lying. It’s as plain as plain can be.

Previous to this, the geordie bint Mills, the character impersonator with the indeterminate and conflicting life history, said, after she’d won the dosh off the weirdly crinkled old Beatle and when she came out of court, that she wanted the settlement kept private because it had details about the child that could be dangerous for her.

Bizarrely, when the pdf came out about the settlement, there was no mention at all of anything like this. All there was the judge’s statement that she was a fucking nutter who had not an ounce of truth and honesty in her – but carped up in very nice prose. WE all know what he meant, but why couldn’t he just say that she was a liar?

So out of all of this, only CBS actually said anyone was lying. What’s everyone so scared of? Who IS the emperor and what clothes are they wearing?

STOP PRESS: This post in India has a lying claim about the pre-fabricating Mills and this 2006 post from “The Independant” is so strangely prescient about the whole affair that Paul Vallely might have a time machine.

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