Watch Out for the Scam Double-Bluff!


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However, the problem has not gone away – the menace continues.

For further information, all chat on this and subsequent scams is now here:
Google Revolution, Different Name, Same Scam!
and here:
More on Google Profits and Pacific Webworks/

@AmazonHow Internet Scammers Get Attention

As you will know, websites LOVE to be seen.  We LOVE lots of hits!  It’s a kind of fame thing if all you want to do is shout and be heard;  it’s a life or death business thing if you need to make money from your visibility.

This much is obvious.  But as I’ve trawled the dark side, looking for more filth like:

  • Google Treasure Chest
  • Google Money Kit
  • etc

…it’s become obvious that fifth columnists are at work!  How?

Try these google searches:

Okay.  You’ll see that I’ve done two similar searches for each of the three operations:

  • Google Treasure Chest (GTC)
  • Success University
  • CarbonCopyPro

Google Treasure Chest

If you examine the search results (first page only!) you’ll see that GTC returns a load of obviously bad things about them, including my post, google-treasure-chest-its-a-scam-and-a-half/, which set the ball rolling for me all of er.. 19 days ago!

Success University and CarbonCopyPro

Success University and CarbonCopyPro have a lot of results that purport to be investigations and ‘the truth’ about the organistions.  There are a lot of actual ‘truth revealed’ about the ‘scam’ going on these websites.  You think “oh great, now I can really find out what’s going on..”

Now check the videos!!!

You’ll discover that these are shameless plugs to continue the pyramidal building of these MLMs

It’s staggeringly successful when you consider it!. Like a spy in the camp, what they’ve done is squeezed themselves to the top of the Google rankings in both good and bad terminology searches!  So if you want to find the dirt on CarbonCopyPro, add it to the words ‘scam’, ‘ripoff’, ‘fraud’ or suchlike – and there they are!  Go in and check the link, and it’s a plug!  If you want to find good things about CarbonCopyPro, do the same but mix it with ‘success’, ‘wealth’ or ‘professional’ or ‘winner’ – and there you go!  It’s another plug!

This is the proof of the Scam Double-Bluff

Like in a game of poker, the many faces of the schemer wins each time.

Google Treasure Chest Scamming Plug

Of course, our old GTC friend isn’t without some similar scheming….  Pay a visit to,

‘Mike Taylor’ in this beautifully worded webpage says,

WARNING: If You Do Not Read This Webpage You May Get Scammed!

‘Mike’ recommends two ‘schemes’ with his ‘brutally honest opinion’, as he calls it, from all the horrible scam schemes out there.  These are,

  • Google Money System (warning bells going yet?  SP!)
  • Process Rebates

Google Money System takes you to

…which is our old friends at again.  So the number one recommendation is the number one scammer.  Can you spot a connection?

Process Rebates

This second ‘recommendation’ needs special mention and is a firm warning to the gullible. You are redirected (naturally) to,

A WHOIS reveals that they are ‘protected’ by Whois Privacy Protection Service, Inc.  From spammers, they claim, although it’s an ideal way for spivs to cover their tracks.  You’ll also see that 97% of site vistors are from the USA….  more of that later.

At the website you’ll find a nice little lady yabbering away in the bottom right corner of the screen called Diana DeAngelo.  Fill in the boxes with some garbage and you’ll be taken to an even bigger spiel and even more wordy words.  Be careful.  She’s seriously got ‘the voice’ – like Saint Bob from BandAid.  It’s a nice homely American accent….  I could feel my pockets automatically emptying themselves under some strange volition.

But before you plough ahead and hand over your $157, check down at the bottom at the various disclaimers etc.  Try

You’ll discover that the business is based in Nicosia, Cyprus and all your dealings with the company will be governed by Cyprus laws.

They mention this elsewhere in the reams and reams of clauses on this and the ‘Terms of Use’ page also.  They don’t say whether it’s the North or the South…   Now I’m not against Cyprus or anything, but would the spiel look as convincing coming from a natural Cypriot called Stavros?   Here I’m reminded that one of the biggest business scandals of the last 20 years was Polly Peck and it’s Cypriot owner Asil Nadir.  He even owned Del Monte at one point!  (he say yes!)  Since his prosecution, Nadir has fucked off to Northern Cyprus (Turkish) from where he cannot be extradited.  The border between the North and South of Cyprus runs right through the middle of… yes you’ve guessed it… Nicosia!

So you have to ask yourself,

…in which part of Nicosia is registered?

Because if it’s the north, which it most probably is, the laws there are considerably different to the rest of the world, no matter how much Turkey wants to be part of the European Union!  And remember, 97% of’s hits come from the USA, not Northern Cyprus.


Hopefully you’ve spotted the shit flying by now, or have at least smelt the aroma.  As you attempt to close the webpage, a message from an attractive young lady pops up.  It looks like you can chat to a real person….

No you can’t.  Type in ‘hi’ as prompted and you’ll get some automated sales pitch.  You can type various things in and a few sensible sounding answers pop back.  But the clue is in the link to the people who’ve made this javascripted tool,

Like in Terminator, the robots are taking over the world.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. Aah, I think I see what Jesse Willms is trying to do: creating lots of blogs with his name in them to try and dominate the first page of Google when people search for his name – rather than the current results where you get lots of stuff with words like scam and complaints!

    So he is flinging up random sites about dinosaurs; Britney Spears; Metallica; Wine; Travel Photos; Calico cats; Television; The internet and the amazon rainforest!

    Isn't having 2 twitter accounts for one person against their terms of service?

    If you visit any of those blogs you will see that he keyword bombs the posts with his name in every paragraph and in the name/title and url of the blog to try and get them to rank for searches on his name rather than all those other pesky sites filled with complaints about his dubious business practices.

    He even links from one of his blogs to a fake Jesse Wilms facebook page (created on July 2nd around the same time as all the blogs). He also bought some stock photos to put on his new flickr account: and set up a new Yahoo id for Yahoo answers (as Google often ranks Yahoo answers pages and Flickr pages highly). Luckily Google also likes and ranks their pages highly too. 😉

    Two of the blogs are on the first page of results when you search for Jesse Willms:

    but so are 5 negative sites including the top 2 results:

    Type the words jesse willms into google followed by a space and Google's auto-suggest feature suggests either:

    jesse willms scam


    jesse willms microsoft

    He also appears to have hired someone from india to cut and paste the same generic reply into every single complaints about his products on – all 67 of them:

    Perhaps he is worried about the FTC (or whatever the Canadian equivalent is) accusing him of ignoring customer complaints!

    1. Yes. That's a better angle. They are all as you say. The metal music one appears to have had a bit of effort put into it! This is the headline spiel:

      Jesse Willms Metallica

      By day Jesse Willms is a master Internet marketer. By night he rocks out with The Four Horsemen known as Metallica. This blog is dedicated to the many conversations Jesse Willms and I have had about James, Kirk, Lars and Jason. We like to pretend that Rob never joined the band.

      I can't find any copied text from the web. What the quickest way to do that apart from typing?

      AS for the twitter thing – I wouldn't know. But it's hardly going to upset young Jesse after he's just taken on the Microsoft and Symantech behemoths.

  2. Most of these sites actually are run by a man out of Canada, He is a scammer. His name is Jesse Willms. He ran eDirect software (sued by microsoft and settled out of court for 1 million in damages). He is currently in charge of Wu Yi Tea, Acai burn, Dazzle White (his newest) and others.

    His signature style:

    1) The two sided scam (double bluff scam). He gets his people to post reviews, redirection websites and scam advice websites about his latest crap

    2) He redirects people to Cyprus (even though he lives in Sherwood Park Alberta, Canada) and his second in command (Mark Adamson) runs distribution out of Ontario, California, USA.

    3) The "free" and "limited time" trails

    4) The membership. He puts you on an automatic reaccuring monthly charge

    5) the side subscription. He loves to have you subscribe to bonuses which are actually subscriptions to other sites/magazines. These all must be cancelled seperately.

    6) the implied emdorsement of magazines or shows (which is later disclaimed as no connection in a far distant page)

    His trademark website

    1) One long intial page

    2) Talking tard in the lower right hand og the screen

    3) fake security symbols at the bottom of the page

    4) lots of info

    5) info on scams (like the one he is running). After all, if you accuse the other guys of it first then they sound guilty when they accuse you of it.

    6) actual information on charges are not displayed on the main page, you can only find them through the sign up portion

    I could go on but…

    The companies you want to look for are:

    1021018 Alberta Ltd , out of ALberta(Jesse Willms)

    and now also

    JDW Media LLC, out of Idaho & Coastwest Holdings Ltd (Sometimes Coastwest Holdings LLC) out of Unknown

    1. Thanks @HateThatGuy.

      @Not Kevin has picked up on this here,

      What we've found and added to completely agrees with what you've said, so thanks for that.

      Unfortunately, posting live links here has proved a bit of an undoing. I knew I should've copied the larger picture because shy Jesse Willms has gone and swapped his Facebook picture for a car threesome instead of his original threesome!

      ;Fortunately, there's a thumbnail in the Google cache, and also, I've found a much better one from an internet "guru" gathering.

      Nolan Paquette and Jesse Willms
      This is handy as it ties up with what webcops say here:

      Justthink Media / Just Think Media is the company. Up in Canada. They used to be called called 1021018 Alberta Ltd(….)â��DID YOU KNOWâ�¦Jesse Willms, owner of several tea/weight loss/diet websites (one being has settled multiple lawsuits for Millions of dollars, for stealing others products? â��(…)Another dude called Nolan Paquette is also part of Justthink (Just Think Media)

      So Yay! Thanks Jesse. I wouldn't have checked if it wasn't for that, but now we've two shifty dudes in the one picture! Cheers!

      And a lesson learned by me – always get an image locally (or on my network) stored!)

  3. @Not Kevin

    Yep, I think you’ve hit the nail on the head there. That’s why the only way to even try to make a dent is to go after the big affiliate networks that these offers are run through – although I’m sure eventually that will lead to one being set up in the same locations from which the scams are being run from.

    Hidden negative option marketing is just an amazing opportunity for scammers right now.

  4. @Not Kevin
    Thanks mate – again! Those two links were a good read, as you said. I followed Jeff Rose’s links through and the best bit was the picture of one of Jason’s simming pools.

    Well, I’m just off for quick sim down the pool, see ya!

  5. This blog post is worth a read – it exposes how some of the ‘anti’ scam sites (“Warning 37 out of 40 of all work from home websites are scams!”) are owned by the same people whose “work from home product” happened to come out number one (“after 4 months of research and testing I found just 3 opportunities that are worth investing your money in and will without a doubt produce a positive return.”) Scamorama!

    Also this innocent guy (Jeff Rose) who found his photo on one of the ridiculous ‘earn a fortune working one hour a day at home on your computer’ sites with the caption “Hi there my name’s Michael Vincent and yes that’s a picture of me below.”

  6. Turkey won’t be joining the EU for at least 5 years at the best estimate, plenty of time for scamming

  7. As with all scams I reply with ”Thank you very much for the 1 million I won in your lottery but I already won 4 million last week, I don’t need it.

    For Nigerian scammers I reply with. Okay, I will help you but please send me your bank details first and let me fuck your big fat booty wife.

    Yours in Jesus.

  8. This Nicosia Cyprus outfit is tied into all sorts of shady stuff:

    Same address is linked to some Acai and Govt Grants scams too.
    Vasilissis Freiderikis, 33 1st Floor P.C. 1066, Nicosia, Cyprus

    Search for Vasilissis Freiderikis, 33 on Google and you will find that they also promote an Acai scam, Wu Yi Tea Weight Loss, an online casino, pharmaceuticals (vicodin buy xanax hydrocodone online pharmacy valium codeine ) some ebay rubbish ( and many more:,+33&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8&gws_rd=cr,ssl&ei=yRhOVqiKFoatafnVhLAD

    All these have dozens of complaints about them.

    As does the famous “Earn Cash Fast With Google Scam”

    As you can see by the contact us form at:
    It’s all the same people: Vasilissis Freiderikis, 33 1st Floor P.C. 1066, Nicosia, Cyprus

    aka “Coast West Holdings Ltd”

    Hundreds of websites listed for this “Coast West Holdings Ltd” – including eerily similar name to the infamous Google Money Tree. 🙂

    and same address again for
    AcaiBurn: Vasilissis Freiderikis, 33 1st Floor P.C. 1066, Nicosia, Cyprus.
    (A TON of complaints about that one on

    Seems like this dodgy company in Nicosia could be raking in millions of dollars each month and probably tucked out of reach of the long arm of the law, given their location?

    1. @Not Kevin

      Thanks again for your in-depth research – you’ve been busy! When I looked at the websites full of promoters of this stuff, they all seemed to consider themselves legitimate and appeared aghast at the Google Money Tree antics. However, their language spoke other words too, especially when they talked about ‘acai berries are nearly all dried up’, ‘I’ve heard some ~~~~ juice is good for a few months”, “there’s still mileage left in acai in South America” – that sort of thing.

      This makes it very hard not to lump everyone into the whole rotten basket. All you can really say to people is, “Be careful. If it looks too good to be true, then it is”. I’m afraid I don’t have much respect for any of them, no matter how good their apparent credentials and no matter how wealthy they now are. Being wealthy doesn’t imply any sort of ‘goodness’ in my book. I believe words are very powerful, immensely so in the voice of a great orator, but in the end, actions speak louder than words. Good actions imply ‘goodness’. Obviously, bad actions imply the opposite.

      I’ve been ‘signing’ up for some grant schemes, Success University & CarbonCopyPro related websites. There are plenty. I just fill in all the spiel and close the session before completion. They then have my spam harvesting email address, and over the past week I’ve noted the change in spam and the various emails that I know are generated by these contacts because of the false name I’ve used. i.e. ONLY that one website (for each website I used a different name) knew my ‘name’ and thus, despite their promises about “we hate spam as much as you do” and “your email address is safe” – their promises on this are much like their monetary promises.
      I’ll be doing a summary of this in the near future. Currently, it’s interesting seeing the increasing desperation in the emails into why I didn’t complete the transaction! With each successive email I find out more and more about the operation as they are forced to reveal more and more “secrets” as they like to call them. For the Grants I had to access the website via a proxy as it would only accept US IP addresses and bounced me to random advertising using my UK location. Same as the rest actually, but only because I could. After all, I’m on fixed IP and really easily traceable. I don’t want them matching logs together… That would spoil the plan. Ha Ha Ha Ha (evil laugh there with a little bit of echo)

      WordPress note:
      When you add a heap of hyperlinks you’ll need comment approval from me. This is by design as you are probably aware. Apart from that, I’ve left commenting pretty open for people. It’s good to talk. I hate spammers as much as the scammers say they do!

    2. @Not Kevin
      Hi again. I’ve just checked out your links. This one; really takes the biscuit!
      Now this is one hell-of-an exclusion clause:


      As a continuation of the pages of drivel that precedes it, they say that anyone partaking in the ‘scheme’ agrees that the maximum damages they can claim against the company – no matter what the cause (presumably this includes being a crook), is $200.
      As for the $200, it may as well be $2, $20 or $2,000,000 – it’s irrelevant.
      It’s absolute pants, the whole thing.

      I’ve seen figures for aggregate con amounts on other websites. I wonder if anyone really knows the extent of financial conning going on? From the people who’ve commented on my Google Treasure Chest posting, they’ve lost about $7000 although most have recovered it. However, I’ve had well over 5000 (real) hits on that page alone and if I’ve stopped 5000 people paying $71 I consider that a job well-done. However, if say, half, have succumbed to temptation (but are too ashamed to speak up), that’s potentially ~$200,000 in losses from my small sample alone.

  9. Cyprus Map

    AS further proof of the dodgy nature of the laws in and around Nicosia in Cyrus, the European Court ruled on Tuesday that an English couple’s villa must be pulled down but even though the law is un-enforceable, it allows the former owner of the land to claim (substantial) damages against the couple in Europe! (click on image for story)

    Even though these laws may become irrelevant if Turkey manages to join the EU, it demonstrates that any company based in Nicosia must be seen as dodgy in the least, and outright criminal if not that.

    So don’t deal with them!

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