BBC Website has Advertising

BBC No Ads
BBC No Ads

There’s a lot of hatred in the UK that we all have to pay a ‘licence’ fee to watch TV.

  • Some people say that it gives quality and independence to the Corporation.
  • Others have commented on the corridors full of empty champagne bottles…
  • Recent scandals like the Jonathan Ross affair have seen the BBC ‘fined’ for improper output and the bad behaviour of their ‘staff’ like Ross.
  • But the fine is ultimately paid by the licence payer!

Well nearly all.  The BBC has other income.  Some of it from advertising.

Channel ‘Dave’ for instance, a BBC related project carries adverts.   So does the BBC website, including the much trumpeted News website…..

If you don’t live in the UK, that is  !!!

Check the two screen-shots I’ve taken.   Both are of the ‘Entertainment’ page this morning taken at the same moment.

  • The left one is without ads as seen in the UK.  It’s taken using a clean internet feed and viewed with Firefox 3.
  • The right one has ads.  It’s taken using a proxy feed and viewed in Internet Explorer 8 for convenience.

The browser choice isn’t important.  It’s for the convenience of using a proxy anonymizer tool called UltraSurf on one browser, not both, to get exactly concurrent screen-shots in time.  Note how much screen real-estate is taken up with the adverts…

Interesting, huh?

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