Cycle Facility-Monthly Pointer

Yey!  Check out the latest convenient and well designed cycling facility from the Warrington Cycle Campaign here.  It’s a gudyin!

This is turning into a monthly thing.  Still, every little helps.

By Strangely

Founding member of the gifted & talented band, "The Crawling Chaos" from the North-East of England.


  1. You should go back a bit in history – say April 2005, which is a corker!
    As I keep saying, the people who do this are paid a lot more than us mere minions. For instance, headline news in Bridgwater today is that the gaffer of Somerset CC gets £143,000 p.a. and him and people like him are in charge of the foolishness portrayed on the Warrington Cycle Campaign website! He gets more than government ministers. Apparently, this salary is necessary to attract the “right calibre” of people. Personally, they are worth tuppence if the cycle path’s fiasco is the best they can do. This is the same county that’s closing the swimming pools, tourist offices and museums to save a bit of dosh. Eventually we’ll have a council where the roads are full of holes because there’ll be an initiative to “let locals take responsibility for their own areas”, there will be no lights or bin collections and yet the rates will be trebled and when anyone checks it’ll be to pay these johhny-come-lately-charlies.

    The Bridgwater Times is great today! Liddell-Grainger is slagging off everyone something rotten – and I agree with him! I think I’m turning tory!

    He’s said “Stalin would have been proud” about the new quango called “Southwest One” which has spirited £400 million away. Somerset CC gaffer Alan Jones is in on it and we’re losing 800 jobs.

    The other thing is the Royal Ordnance Factory is closing. Now in the Buddhist world, this is good; but the UK has still to get it’s ammo from somewhere so it’s buying it from abroad (E Europe!). Now if there’s a war in or with E Europe (surely not! That couldn’t possible happen in this day and age!!), the UK has got to get E Europe to give them the ammo to shoot them.

    Jonathan Swift would be proud. It’s truly cloud cuckoo land. They can’t have it both ways. If you’re going to be weaponed up, then you should make your own. How, in the real world, can you rely on a potential enemy to give you weapons to defend yourself? They should drop the lot and be totally neutral or walk the walk that they’re trying to talk.

    Nichiren says this in WND1 page 163 – The Rationale for “On Establishing the Correct Teaching for the Peace of the Land”

    “When I, Nichiren, observed the great earthquake of the Shoka era, and the great wind and famine that occurred in the same era, as well as the major outbreak of epidemics that took place in the first year of the Shogen era, I made a prediction, saying, “These are omens indicating that this country of ours will be destroyed by a foreign nation.” I may seem to be praising myself for having made such a prediction, but if our country should be destroyed, it would most certainly mean the destruction of the Buddhist teachings as well.”

    In other words, what use is Buddhism if there’s no-one left here to do it?

    -rant over.

  2. Quite like that one, although I feel that you could probably cirumnavigate the bollard, at least in daylight. Looks as if it throws you back out into oncoming traffic tho, which ups the points. My favourite is the French one, because of the beautiful colours and the ‘Bike, what bike’ air about it. or ‘Velo, quel velo?’ comme on dit.

  3. Yey! Check out the December 2007 one. It’s just up the road from Roger’s in Penzance so he probably knows it, after that time we saw him nearly whizz past!

  4. I’d forgotten how much fun trying to cycle on Britain’s roads actually is! Thanks for this encouragement to get on my bike again and enjoy this healthy activity, as doctors assure us laughter is very good for our well-being. Cyclists must remember to be careful when falling off their bikes with laughter at the cycle paths, not to fall into oncoming traffic.

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